One Piece finally names its different sagas

With more than two decades behind it, the One Piece manga has given us great adventures.

One Piece is one of the oldest series, since, far from being close to reaching its end, Eiichiro Oda’s manga still has some time to go, which is why many hope that we still have years of adventures left for Luffy and all his nakama, especially now that they are in full celebration of both the victory in Wano and the fact that Luffy is now an Emperor of the Sea.

Given this, it must be said that with more than a thousand episodes behind him, One Piece is divided by arcs as usually happens with most manga and anime, this being a method to classify the different stages of these. And it seems that with the current anniversary of the series, we would already have an official division.

A total of 12 arcs for the more than 90 volumes of One Piece

One Piece finally names its different sagas

The original crew of the Mugs

In this way, with the 25 years that the series has fulfilled, the official website has been in charge of carrying out this division of all One Piece arcs and sagas, giving rise to there are a total of 12 currently among the more than 90 current volumes. For all that has been said, it should be noted that according to this division, one piece splits in the following way:

  • Saga of East Blue (From Volume 1 to 12).
  • Saga of Alabasta (From volume 12 to 24).
  • Saga of Sky Island (From volume 24 to 30).
  • Saga of Water 7-Enies Lobby (From volume 30 to 45).
  • Thriller Bark Saga (From volume 46 to 50).
  • Saga of Summit War (From volume 50 to 61).
  • Saga of Fishman Island (From volume 61 to 66).
  • Saga of the Punk Hazard (From volume 66 to 70).
  • Saga of Dressrosa (From volume 70 to 80).
  • Zou Saga (From volume 80 to 82, being the shortest so far).
  • Saga of Whole Cake island (From volume 82 to 90).
  • Saga of the Country of Wano (From volume 90 to the present).

Otherwise, it must be remembered that One Piece is currently close to kicking off its final arc.being so that knowing Oda, this can be equivalent to that we still have about five years to go both the manga and the anime. Likewise, it should be noted that this same year also One Piece Red will premierethe new film in the series that will tell the story of the daughter of Shanks, one of the key characters in the plot of Luffy, at the same time that we will see a new group of pirates.