One Piece finally revealed King’s face and his story

King surprises by showing his face in the manga and tells details of his past.

For many chapters, One Piece has hidden details of the crew of the Pirates of the Beasts. This group is led by the fearsome Kaido whose headliner is Jack, Queen and King, each with their own peculiarities. Not long ago the series explained why Queen hates Sanji so much, but now the manga has made a much more incredible reveal: king’s face. Here we show you the image of the character without a mask, in addition to others details of its history that have been discovered.

King is one of the most important men at the command of Kaido, so he’s also an antagonist in the Wano Country arc. He has a disturbing appearance because he always wears black and a spiked mask covering your face completely. Until now, only his eyes had been seen, but that has changed in the manga chapter 1035 who has revealed King’s face for the first time. In this picture you can see King holding his sword face uncovered: has long silver-white hair and brown skin. This issue also talks about his past through a flashback.

King finally shows his face.

Why does King hide his face in One Piece?

This dark outfit he wears for hide your lunary identity. King is actually called Alber and he is a member of the Lunaria tribe, a race of humanoids with the ability to create fire. In the past, the World Government held King to use him in experiments on Punk Hazard. There met kaido and they both managed to escape together, so King joined his crew. Since then hides his physical features more evident so that the Government does not follow the track, since it has put a reward of 100 million berries by his head.

It is believed that the lunaria race is extinct and that makes King the last of his kind alive. Therefore, for King it is important keep your identity a secret and wears a studded leather suit. How about this latest revelation about King’s past? One Piece still has many secrets to tell and we already know the names of Shanks’ crew, the Redhead.

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