One Piece finally reveals King’s face and story

As the fight against the forces of Kaido and Big Mom reaches its climax with the latest series of chapters in One Piece, the last two main artists are now facing off against Sanji and Zoro.

As we had seen previously in the fight with King, Zoro had been fighting to deal some real damage to the Main Enforcer while continuing to fend off any attacks that Zoro made with ease. But his story really explains this a bit.

It was joked that King was part of an ancient and powerful race, and that gave him the amount of strength he had in fighting Zoro. As Zoro continues to improve a bit and uses his Conqueror Haki to better wield Oden’s old sword, Enma, he’s dealing enough damage to shatter King’s suit.

With this damage, King finally reveals his face in its entirety And with it, fans can get a glimpse of what kind of story made the Lead Artist who he is today. Warning! The following in The Truth News will talk about spoilers. We recommend staying up to date with the One Piece manga from Shueisha’s MANGA Plus application.

What happened in One Piece manga 1035?

One Piece King Cara Revelada Manga Spoilers

King’s revealed face (Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1035 of the series reviews the fight between Zoro and King, and Zoro has discovered that when King does not have his flames on his back, his defensive power decreases, but as a result he gains more speed.

One attack does enough damage, it pierces through King’s mask, thereby ripping it off and revealing his full face. It is revealed that he kept his identity a secret because his black wings, white hair and brown skin are clues to a career that the government would pay 100 million berries for any clues to find.

A flashback to his past confirms theories that he is a Lunarian. When Kaido first discovered it, the government was experimenting with King and therefore Kaido was recruiting him. It is revealed that the King’s real name is Alber, and decides to join Kaido’s crew because he felt that this pirate could help change the world.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about King, but at the same time, this look at his past (and therefore Kaido) helps show a bit of why King fights so hard for his captain in the first place. This moment certainly deserves to put Eiichiro Oda among the best-selling manga series since 2008.

What fruit does King have?

King consumed the fruta Ryu Ryu, a model pteranodon. This prehistoric zoan-type devil fruit allows King to fully or partially transform into a pteranodon. On the other hand, Eiichiro Oda talks about Zoro’s legacy in One Piece.

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