One Piece finally reveals Luffy’s biggest mistake

Luffy will have to carry this bug forever.

Luffy has had a huge development throughout the series, this has been demonstrated in the most recent chapters. where could defeat Kaido and liberate Wano Country from the clutches of this fearsome villain.

However, for to get to the level where you are today has had to go through different tests and learning processeswhich They served as experience so as not to make the same mistakes of the pastWell Luffy still bears the blame for some of his failures.

Recently, One Piece has revealed the biggest mistake the Straw Hat has ever made. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1060 of the One Piece manga.

Luffy’s biggest mistake has been revealed

Luffy will have to carry this error forever

Luffy will have to carry this error forever

Luffy has had to go through several difficulties to be able to reach the level that is currentlycommitting a large number of errors in the processeven though this He overcame all the obstacles that came his way. could not meet a single objective, which, since then, has been become the biggest mistake this pirate has ever made.

The Straw Hat has had to carry the weight of this big mistakewell for not giving him the enough importance at the right time lost one of the things this pirate cherished most.

In the manga chapter #489the Straw Hat and company are for Starting from Thriller Bark, after having defeated Gecko Moria. During this adventure Luffy learned about the Vivre Letterswhich are pieces of paper are linked to the vital energy of a particular person.

Ace's life was in danger and Luffy ignored this.

Ace’s life was in danger and Luffy ignored this.

Ace gave him one of these earlier, in Alabasta. Luffy gave him a look at this paper after the events of Thriller Bark and realized that this was burnedbeing a clear sign that his brother’s life was in danger. However, the Straw Hat did not give it much importance, because he was used to the fact that Roger’s son could handle any situation.

Some time later, Luffy finds out that her brother has been captured by the Navy and would be executedso he decides to go to his aid, but already it was too latebecause not even with all the power of the Whitebeard pirates could avoid the fatal outcome of Acethis becoming the Straw Hat’s biggest mistakesince you downplayed the problems in which this.

On the other hand, in one of the most recent chapters of the manga, Luffy goes through a similar situation when he finds out that his friend Princess Vivi of Alabasta has been kidnappedso it is presumed that it is in danger, is he quickly wants to go to the rescue of his nakama without thinking about the risk that this entails.

However, in amidst the Straw Hat’s shock and concernZoro reminds Luffy what once said about AceTrusting him to take care of himself and his own things, to the point where he really needed help, the swordsman told him. stresses that he should have the same confidence in Vivi and hope to have information about the princess.

Zoro reminds Luffy about the trust he had given Ace to settle his affairs.

Zoro reminds Luffy about the trust he had given Ace to settle his affairs.

Without a doubt the Zoro’s comment is correct despite being a bit cruelwell the Ace’s death is something Luffy will mourn forever.since he could not act in time to save his brother, this being the Straw Hat’s biggest mistake.