One Piece Finally Reveals the Power of Blackbeard’s Crew Devil Fruits

This crew seems to be just as dangerous as their Captain.

Eiichiro Oda has finally decided to go tying up loose ends that kept the fans of this work with great doubts for a long time, because in the most recent editions of the manga it has revealed great secrets of the seriesone of these has been the true identity of Dr. Vega Punk.

Also, this new arc has started packed with big moves by Blackbeard and his crewWell, apparently the great theories surrounding this pirate point to being right. Kurohige is known to possess the classic pirate profile, opportunistic and treacherouswhich has led him to make a name for himself in the New World and the Grand Line, thanks to his terrible acts.

Blackbeard, along with his crew have come wreaking havoc for a long time. Recently, they have been acting under the shadows to fulfill the purposes of this fearsome villain to get hold of the One Piece.

Blackbeard’s crew was surrounded by a great mystery, because they had not made any demonstration of their abilities. However, in the most recent chapter revealed the power of devil fruits that these pirates possess. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1063 of the One Piece manga.

The power of the Akuma no Mi of Blackbeard’s crew has finally been revealed

Blackbeard's crew, like him, is surrounded by great mysteries, since they had never demonstrated what kind of power they possessed.

Blackbeard’s crew, like him, is surrounded by great mysteries, since they had never demonstrated what kind of power they possessed.

This new arc has started with everythingbecause Oda has revealed great secrets that this series harbored for a long time in just a few chapters, filling a lot of information to the faithful lovers of this work.

It is well known that the wide world of One Piece houses endless unknowns that have given way to millions of speculations and theories, because it has an interesting plot that gives rise to that. Likewise, it also has great characters from various crews whose power was unknown until now.

As is the case of Blackbeard’s crew, which has extremely interesting and at the same time mysterious characters, since Oda had not yet given information about their abilities. It is noteworthy that Kurohige has tasked with hunting and collecting the most powerful devil fruits of the series, in order to make their nakamas more dangerous and fearsome, such actions have been confirmed in the most recent chapter of the manga.

In the One Piece chapter #1063it is observed how Trafalgar D. Law and his crew are being besieged and attacked by Blackbeard who has ambushed him after leaving Wano, all this with the intention of steal the Road Poneglyph that Law has under his power.

It is known that Blackbeard’s intentions of find Laugh Tale and One Piece treasure and that is why it has been launched today. In this chapter it has been revealed for the first time, after many years, the power of the devil fruits possessed by the Kurohige crew members.

Blackbeard’s nakama who finally gave a little show of power that its fruits have are:

  • Burgesshas the Riki Riki no Mi: This fruit gives him super strength with the ability to move mountains without any effort.
  • Doc Qis a user of the Shiki Shiki no Mi: This gives him the ability to control diseases and infect others through his abilities.
  • strongerDoc Q’s horse, is also the owner of an Akuma no Mi of the mythological Zoan type: called Uma Uma no Mi: Pegasus Model.
  • Van Augurcarrier of the Wapu Wapu no Mi: This gives him the ability to teleport people.
Some of Blackbeard's crew have given a small taste of their skills in this chapter.

Some of Blackbeard’s crew have given a small taste of their skills in this chapter.

In this episode it has been shown that Blackbeard’s hunt for Akuma no Mi has been successful, since part of his crew possesses devil fruits with amazing abilities Y devastating for any rival.

Also, it has been seen the deep interest that Kurohige has in find the one piece once and for allsince it has taken advantage of recent events, to put into put your macabre plans in motion.