One Piece finally shows the powers of Blackbeard’s crew, are they too strong?

To this day, it is not very well known who will be the great antagonist of one piece. Akainu? Im?blackbeard?, It is not at all clear, but the infamous pirate who once belonged to the gang of Whitebeard has enough ballots to be. We know very well what this individual is capable of and that their crew is made up of legendary criminals but, Are they really as strong as they appear?

In the manga chapter 1 063 we finally got some answers to these questions. However, I must clarify that Eiichiro Oda did not reveal everyone’s abilities members of Kurohige’s (Blackbeard) gang, but some of the most recognizable. And believe me when I tell you that they are becoming very tough rivals for the mugiwara or anyone who stands in front of them.

What powers do Blackbeard’s allies have?

  • Jesus Burgess: It was always clear to us that this character is an expert fighter who has a huge force, but what he did not expect was that his devil fruit (Riki Riki no Mi) would enhance these abilities so much; now can lift a mountain effortless.✅
  • Van Augur: this expert shooter It was already pointing ways by being able to shoot down targets that are miles away with a single shot; now he possesses the powers of the fruit wapu wapuThat allows him teleport people or objects; for a sniper this is very useful.✅
  • Doc Q: Kurohige’s doctor has one of the scariest powers in the entire crew; He is capable of spread very strange diseases (such as changing your sex) thanks to the Shiku Shiku fruit.✅
  • stronger: the Doc Q’s horse He also has a great advantage thanks to having consumed a devil fruit. It is able to fly thanks to some wings that the Uma Uma (a mythological Zoan Pegasus model).✅

Older people are also known to Shiryū has the gift of become invisible (or everything it touches) at will and that Catherine Devon can transform into a Kyuubi (9-tailed fox) or take the form of other people. De Laffitte, Sanjuan Wolf and Vasco Shot hardly know any detailsso I suppose that later they will appear displaying new abilities.

Do you think Blackbeard’s gang will end up fighting Luffy’s gang? The truth is that I can already imagine fights like Chopper vs. Doc Q., Usopp vs. Van Augur or Zoro vs. Shiryu.

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