One Piece for parents: 3 minutes to learn all about the best-selling manga of all time

You’ve never seen any episode of the anime “One Piece” but want to know what it’s about? Here are some keys to understanding the series adapted from the best-selling manga of all time!

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In publication since 1997 in Japan, One Piece is the best-selling manga of all time with 500 million copies sold, but also the best-selling comic book in all countries in the world (surpassing Asterix and its 370 million copies sold). For its twenty-fifth anniversary, the series still enjoys incredible popularity, as evidenced by the enthusiasm aroused last December by the eventful release of its hundredth volume.

How to explain such a success, especially among the youngest, for this series more than ever worthy of its title of official successor to the cult Dragon Ball? Here’s everything you need to know to understand the craze around One Pieceincluding if you don’t have any of the 958 episodes that currently make up its animated series!

What is it about ?

A few years ago, the public execution of Gol D. Roger marked the end of the golden age of piracy. Before his death, the lord of the pirates challenged anyone who dares to take up the challenge to get their hands on his priceless treasure: the One Piece.

A budding adventurer lulled by the stories of his pirate friend Shanks, Luffy dreams of only one thing: boarding a ship and forming his own pirate crew. Inadvertently, the young man eats a devil fruit which allows him to obtain elastic powers. On the other hand, the latter finds himself in the total inability to be able to swim. A shame for a future pirate!

It doesn’t matter, since nothing will hinder Luffy’s motivation, not even the enemies he will cross paths with during his many travels. Especially as from adventure to adventure, the young captain will form a dream crew, with the arrival on board of colorful characters also endowed with extraordinary abilities!

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From what age to watch this anime?

The editorial staff of AlloCiné recommends this program from the age of 10. Despite its many fights, the series has very few violent scenes, never gory.

What does it look like ?

Why do your teens love it?

  • Who has never dreamed of living an extraordinary adventure, surrounded by the most faithful friends one can find, in extraordinary worlds? Look One Pieceit’s embarking with Luffy aboard the Vogue Merry, and living all these stories without having to move from your sofa.
  • One Piece is not a series of a single hero, but of a crew above all. And what a crew! From the navigator Nami to the swordsman Roronoa Zoro, passing by the leader Sanji adept at kicks, the adorable rein Tony Tony Chopper, the poisonous Nico Robin, the man-robot Franky, the petochard mythomaniac Usopp or even the skeleton musician Brook, none of the heroes of the series will leave you indifferent!
  • Certainly, the fight occupies a central role in the series. However, it should not be forgotten that One Piece is also a very funny anime; extremely inventive in terms of humor, the series finds ever more ingenious ways to defuse the most dramatic moments, both with absurd comedy and more subtle forms of humor.

5 terms you won’t necessarily understand if your child talks to you about them

  • Devil fruits: these magic fruits allow you to obtain special powers, with the counterpart of the curse of sinking like an anvil throughout your life. There are hundreds of different fruits, but on the other hand it is impossible to find two similar Devil Fruits.
  • The Straw Hat Crew: simply the name given to Luffy’s crew; this nickname refers to the headgear worn by the latter, an object which he values ​​more than anything in the world and which was entrusted to him by his friend, Shanks the redhead.
  • Gear: name given to the levels allowing Luffy to deploy excessive power. To date, he has four forms of Gear.
  • The Seven Great Corsairs: These seven warriors have made a pact with the World Government, allowing them to do more or less as they please. If some become friends with Luffy and his crew, others will be formidable adversaries for the heroes of the series!
  • Berrys: name of the currency used in the One Piece universe; however, the value of a Berry in euros or dollars is unknown.
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The anecdote that will amaze your teenager!

  • A hidden character appears throughout the series. You may have never seen him, yet he was present in most of Luffy’s adventures, including the movies. One Piece : named Pandaman, the latter has an authentic story developed by the author of the manga Eiichiro Oda.
  • Originally Sanji, the chef of the Straw Hat crew, was to be called… Naruto! His name was eventually changed, to avoid comparison with the hero of the eponymous manga. Note, however, that the shape of his eyebrows is reminiscent of narutomaki, the slices of fish pâté found in ramen.
  • Fun fact: most of the characters in the series have specific laughs. Already present in the original manga, this detail obviously takes an even more important turn in the animated adaptation.

Where to see this anime and how much will it cost you?

On DNA (from €6.99 per month) and Crunchyroll (€4.99 per month).

Also available in manga (currently 100 volumes and still being published, sold for €6.90 each by the publisher Glénat).

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