One Piece: Full spoiler of chapter 1032 of the manga Will Zoro defeat King?

One Piece fans continue at the foot of the canyon with the anime, the title created by Oda seems to have no end and the fans know it. Recently, a spoiler for the next chapter has been leaked on social networks, fans have looked with great admiration at the great strength of the ‘Straw hat‘, right now is when each crew member will assert their weight in the crew.

At the end of manga chapter 1031 of One Piece, we all could appreciate the speedy escape of Nico Robin and Brook, who were pursued by two of the members of the CP-0. The beginning of manga chapter 1032, continue here. After flying off one of the castle floors, Robin and Brook land on the head of one of Kaido’s subordinate giants named Fuga.

Right now, Yamato, is talking to him, it seems that this character is a kind of giant minotaur. As they speak, they are informed that the Fire Yokai is still moving through the castle and going to the basement. Right here is when Robin and Brook arrive, who are running for the members of the CP-0 who, when trying to jump on Fuga, are absorbed by the flames of the Yokai.

Yamato notices that the Yokai is going to the armory; Yamato: “if he continues in that direction, he will blow up the island. Leak help me on this”. After Yamato says this, the CP-0 agents emerge from the flames undamaged, but Appo appears and is recording them; Appo: “The government dogs helping Kaido, I’ll sell this to Morgans“, Head of CP-0:” Be quietSuddenly, Appo is hit.

Here it appears X Drake; head of CP-0: “X Drake, you think we don’t know your identity”. Drake: “Apologize“; (Appo hits the CP-0 boss), Drake and Appo argue while the CP-0 boss gets up, in doing so, Appo and X Drake attack him. After this we can see Zoro fighting against King. King grabs his crest and begins to stretch it, his head tucking into his body; Zoro: “Is it some kind of mechanism? “.

When the beak is fully inserted; it shoots out like a laser beam. King: ” Tempura UdonZoro dodges it. Zoro attacks him and King dodges him, here Zoro begins to think about how to defeat King and decides to ask KIng; Zoro: “Is that fire also part of the Teranodon?”; King: “It’s a little more special”.

Zoro begins to think if King’s fire has something to do with the Jiojin or is part of the giants, suddenly King attacks Zoro with great speed. Out of nowhere, a Shamizen begins to sound causing Enma get out of control and start stealing the Right of Zoro. We go to the treasure room where we can see Orochi, who hears the Shamizen in the next room.

Orochi is therefore surprised Komurazaki (Hiyori) is playing; Orochi “Komurazaki? Am I dead? If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up. Komurazaki, you don’t know how much I’ve thought of you. “Hiyori: ” Me too”. The chapter ends here.