“One Piece”: Gerard Piqué and other famous anime fans

” has deeply penetrated more than one generation and it is that with the 1071 chapters that have come out so far in the manga and the 1042 in the anime, many celebrities were joining what we commonly know as the crew of the ‘Straw Hats’ ‘, a band that is commanded by the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy in search of being the king of pirates.

Renowned figures have been happy to shout out to the world their affection for “One Piece” while they await the series of chapters after the announcement of the final saga of the manga, so here we bring you a list of the 5 celebrities of the moment who have reaffirmed their passion for the most successful manga and anime of all time.

5 famous fans of “One Piece”

Gerard Piqué

The controversial former Barcelona player from Spain who retired from the playing fields in 2022 and who came to win everything with both his club and the Spanish team, he replied on Twitter very happy his love for “One Piece” by stating that this “is a work of art”, joining the celebrities who love said anime

Dua Lipa

British singer, songwriter, model and actress, Dua Lipawas confirmed as one more ‘nakama’ on Instagram after posing in a dress that was made of the symbol of Luffy’s ship and other ‘Mugiwaras’.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The renowned actress who participated in the “Halloween” saga and also in the Oscar-nominated film, “Everything everywhere at the same time”, Jamie Lee Curtisdeclared in an interview that he is a fan of “One Piece” and that his favorite character is our beloved reindeer, Tony Tony Chopper.

Avril Lavigne

The punkrock singer who won the hearts of fans in the 2000′s has confirmed on more than one occasion that she is a lover of anime and that her favorite is “One Piece”. What’s more, songs of her appear in the film “One Piece Film Z”and all this at the personal request of the mangaka Eiichiro Oda.

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The story of Belinda With animes, she is very curious since it was not known that she was a fan until at a certain point she uploaded a story to Instagram where two cakes appeared, one was from “Death Note” and the other was from “One Piece”, writing “Love! Our cakes with our favorite animes!”.

When does One Piece Manga Chapter 1072 come out?

The return of the “One Piece” manga with the first chapter of the year is scheduled for January 19, 2023.