One Piece: Germa 66 mini-story gives rise to an interesting theory about Blackbeard

Ever since the Wano arc came to an end a few months ago, Eiichiro Oda started giving us all kinds of details the sea of ​​revealers about the One Piece universe. The most important events are within the new chapters that are coming to Weekly Shonen Jump but, What if I told you that the covers are also telling something key?

Until a few weeks ago I only followed one piece through the anime, but not being able to deal with the constant spoilers, I decided to move on to the manga and now I’m up to date with the story. That’s why I was taken by surprise by the topic of the mini-stories on the covers of the chaptersI had no idea that Oda has a habit of presenting some from time to time and that they are also Canyon. And to top it off this seems to be enough relevant.

Next I will talk about several things from the One Piece manga that are SPOILERS for those people who only watch the anime, so you are warned.

What the mini-story of Germa 66 would be telling us

  • In chapter 1035 it began the 19th one piece mini storywhich is canon and counts what happened to Germa 66 after the battle at Whole Cake
  • It turns out that Niji and Yonji were captured by Big Mom’s children, and Ichiji and Ryuji came to their rescue some time later.
  • The curious thing is that among all the chaos, Pudding is mysteriously kidnapped
  • The next cover shows Frozen Chocolat Town

What is the theory of many fans?

  • A lot of readers think that the person responsible for kidnapping Pudding was Aokiji himself (since it has the power to freeze everything it touches)❗❗❗
  • What sense would this action have? There are three factors that would give it:
    • 1. Supposed to Aokiji collaborates with Blackbeard
    • 2. Pudding (by descending from the three-eyed tribe) could wake up a power that would allow him to read the Road Poneglyph
    • 3. Even though Blackbeard gets Law’s Poneglyphs, he still doesn’t have a a person who deciphers themand that’s where it would come in pudding

If this fan theory is confirmed, which makes a lot of sense, it would mean that Kurohige could take a giant step in the search for One Piece. Do you think it will end up being true?

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