One Piece: Girl makes beautiful ‘Body Paint’ mixing Boa Hancock with Nami

One Piece is one of the most popular anime in geek culture, this anime has been broadcast for more than 20 years, currently the manga of One Piece has reached episode 1030, certainly a significant number. Fans of the series seem to never tire of seeing their favorite characters act against the world government, many of them tattooing them on their skin or creating mind-blowing cosplays.

On this occasion, we show you a girl who has decided to go beyond a simple One Piece cosplay, although we do not know the original creator, the girl has made a Body Paint head to toe with one of the crew of the Straw Hats: Nami, and the mighty Boa Hancock. Body Paint is an art that consists of completely drawing some character, art or any other element, on the body.

On some occasions, we have seen girls on the street with only Body Paint on them, it’s almost like wearing see-through clothes or a bikini with some paint on it. As we already mentioned, we completely do not know the identity of the creator of this beautiful work, hopefully we can meet her very soon, so we could have a little more information about her work as a Body Paint artist, and have a little idea about how much time has taken him to do this “cosplay”.

If you still can’t locate Boa already Us, these two beautiful girls are part of the anime One Piece. Boa lives in love with Luffy, although she is an ex Shichibukai (Sea Warrior) Boa is weak in front of Luffy. Hancock it is the empress of the Amazons that live in Amazon Lily. This is an island full of war women, who healed Luffy after his fight with Kuma.

On the other hand, we have Nami. The beautiful Us is the navigator of the Straw hat. Nami has a dream of creating a detailed map of the entire world. Nami’s knowledge of the seas has been key on many occasions. Luffy He didn’t know where to go before Nami arrived. The two girls are very important within the crew.

What do you think of this great Body Paint, I hope you can give us your comments and tell us who is behind it. Remember that we have all kinds of One Piece news, we recently revealed some spoilers for the newest chapters of the manga, do not miss them.