One Piece goes bankrupt with Akazaya Nine’s fight against Kaido – tech tribune

One Piece really went bankrupt with the fight between the Akazaya Nine and Kaido in the last episode of the series! The anime is now in the midst of the war against Onigashima, but things got off to a flying start when the Akazaya Nine took the first step against Kaido. Putting 20 years of angst into their initial strike was already an impressive event for the anime, but it was only the first effort that sparked an even bigger fight between the two sides on the roof of the Skull Dome. So the anime had to be bigger for proper combat.

The previous episodes gave fans a glimpse of how the fight against Kaido and the Beasts Pirates prepared on the roof of the Skull Dome, but the last episode revisited that fight in its entirety and thus kicked off the full fight between the Akazaya Nine and Kaido. Putting all of their Ryou into each of their attacks, Kinemon and the others even fired from Oden’s old bag of tricks in order to do as much damage to the Emperor as possible. And as fans expected, it resulted in some really big scenes. Check out an example of them below, spotted by @ TheVokality2 on Twitter:

Episode 1004 of the series revisited the entire fight between the Akazaya Nine and Kaido, and it was revealed that their first assault only angered Kaido as a result. While he briefly saw a flash of Oden Kozuki in each of their attacks, it wasn’t until this fight that the Akazaya Nine showed what they really are capable of. This fight represents absolute business for all of them, and so they gave it all they had. It also included a recreation of Oden’s Paradise Totsuka (the same move that gave Kaido his scar).

It seemed to hurt Kaido enough at the moment, but as we’ve seen from the Emperor at many points in the anime so far, that’s really just the start of the fight. They may have injured Kaido slightly in this assault, but Luffy will have to get back to the roof quickly if the samurai have any real chance of defeating the Emperor in this war. But what do you think? How do you like One Piece’s war for Onigashima so far? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about anything animated and other cool stuff. @Valdezologie on Twitter!