One Piece: great revelations about the power of this character

The fans of One Piece are undoubtedly unbeatable on everything related to the adventures of the Straw Hat crew. Nevertheless, Eiichiro Oda always has more than one trick up its sleeve and has just surprised its fans again with the latest chapter of One Piece. With Chapter 1044, the franchise has once again reached a new level.

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A character has just entered a new dimension and his identity is not a surprise.


A reversal of the situation against Kaido

It has been several chapters now that Luffy has been fighting the terrible Kaido. If for the moment, the emperor seems to be totally muzzling our young friend, the latter is not intimidated. While he is very taken by his confrontation, the other members of his crew try to clean up behind him.

Zorro and Sanji have already disabled the Okaban Queen “the Pandemic” and King “the Fire”. Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law managed to accomplish a feat by emerging victorious from the confrontation against Big Mom. The last enemy to defeat is now Kaido and Luffy draws on his resources to finish him off as quickly as possible.

But the fight will take an unexpected turn with the intervention of a member Cipher Pol Aigis Zero. The World Government is ready to do anything to eliminate Luffy although the face-off with Kaido does not seem to be in his favor for the time being. With the last chapters, we finally have the end of the story on the motivations of the World Government. And it has to do with the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

The real name of Luffy’s Devil Fruit

Since entering the world of piracy, Luffy has been known to be the holder of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. His Devil Fruit is known to grant him a rubber body. With already 25 years of history, Luffy’s abilities have always impressed, because compared to his opponents, the rubber doesn’t seem very powerful.

But Luffy has demonstrated on many occasions that it should not be taken lightly. This proved again with the development of his techniques, known as Gear. With the latest set of chapters, it has finally been discovered that the government has been wanting this fruit for years and despite their best efforts, they have never been able to get their hands on it.

We also learn that the real name of this devil fruit is the Hito Hito no Mi. First of all, it is a legendary fruit of the Mythical Zoan type model Nika, the God of the Sun. The World Government has been trying to get hold of it for 800 years without success. Now that Luffy has managed to awaken his Devil Fruit, his body has undergone a metamorphosis.

Luffy’s new appearance

After many allusions to Joy Boy, we finally have confirmation that this enigmatic being was indeed Luffy. This information has been confirmed by Zunesha, the giant elephant that is home to the island of Zou. The latter is also on his way to lend a hand to Luffy and Momonosuke.

With his new abilities, Luffy is able to use Gear 5 abilities without having to modify his body. He can even change its shape at will with perfect ease. He can’t help laughing and seems totally relaxed even if the situation doesn’t lend itself to it. Moreover, these are not the only changes.

Luffy’s hair fits perfectly with the name of the sun god Nika. We have the impression of seeing fiery flames on his head and the color of his eyes changes as well. We can add to the list that his whole body is surrounded by a misty form as if he were carrying a piece of cloud.

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