One Piece has a new record, the longest fight so far

Go that Luffy Y the straw hat pirates have come a long way, with a whole range of wild battles throughout the shonen manga franchise, and we have to admit that one piecehas grown over time, making not only its best quality animations, but also filling its pages with epic fights, but it seems that the last fight has come to an end and officially earned its place as the longest fight in the series to date.

And it is that, the arc of Wano has led to Luffy and his crew to the limit, as the battle in the isolated nation involved thousands of pirates vying for supremacy, and this will definitely turn into one of the biggest fights not only in one piecebut in the general anime, since in the most recent chapter of the manga of one piecethe Chapter 1049, Luffy Y Kaido seemingly finally ended their long battle, with the recent transformation Gear Fifth from monkey that put him on an equal footing with the captain of the Beast Pirates.

It was that moment that with a final blow between the two, both Kaido What Luffy they fell to the ground unconscious, seemingly scoring a victory for the resistance fighters who hoped to achieve the dreams of Kozuki Odenand now that Kaido has been defeated, the citizens of Wano they will finally be able to be free to integrate with the population outside their borders and, as a result, change their destiny forever thanks to Luffy.

That’s why through the twitter account Outlet New World Arthurthe news was shared, and now, the fight against Kaido by resistance fighters Wano has continued for sixty-four chapters and six hundred and fifty days of circulation for the manga itself, making it the longest battle in the history of one piece and without a doubt one of the hardest for all involved.

About this, Eiichiro Odaits creator, has stated on more than one occasion that he sees the end of his Shonen franchise in sight, and with Luffy seemingly achieving his strongest possible transformation and the battles within Wano apparently coming to an end, it will be interesting to see where they go the straw hats now that they have come together in this isolated nation. Although of course, the straw hats could leave Wano with a new member, as many fans of the Shonen franchise believe that Yamato is a safe bet to join the crew of LuffyIt’s a good idea, isn’t it?