One Piece has already shown us the power of Uranus, or at least that’s what I think

During the Alabasta arc, a concept was first introduced that remains unclear in the Alabasta universe. one piece. Apparently there are a total of three ancient weapons that were created centuries ago and that possess an enormous power that could destabilize the entire world. Numerous details about two of them were revealed throughout the series, but we still don’t know anything about the last one.

Of Pluto Y Neptune it is known what they are and even where they are located. What happens then with Uranus? Has Eiichiro Oda really told us absolutely nothing about this ancient weapon? A priori that is what it seems, although I have a theory on this subject that would contradict the above. Manga readers would have “seen” the third ancestral weapon.

Next I will talk about things that have only happened in the One Piece manga, so if you don’t want SPOILERS of the anime, I don’t recommend reading on.

My theory about Uranus

  • Since Pluto is a warship and Neptune a gift that allows control of sea kings, I expected Uranus to be something else completely different❌
  • However, I changed my mind after reading the One Piece chapter 1060
  • In that part of the manga they show us how Im orders the destruction of the Kingdom of Lulusiaand the weapon he uses is capable of shoot lightning bolts from the sky that can wipe out an entire island in a matter of seconds❗❗❗
  • This destructive capacity seems comparable to what Pluto could have a priori, so now I think that the weapon that Im used could not be other than Uranus
  • In addition, it must be remembered that the World Government craves to obtain all the ancient weapons, as confirmed by CP-9 trying to steal Pluto’s plans on Water Seven; it would be plausible that at least they have managed to get hold of one of them
  • So what exactly could Uranus be?: taking into account all of the above and that at no time do they show us where the rays invoked by Im come from, I think that Uranus is a kind of flying ship/vessel with the ability to launch attacks like that (something similar to the ship used by Enel)⭐
one piece manga

Of course I want to clarify that this is a theory of mine and i could be dead wrong. It would not be the first time that Eiichiro Oda surprises me with something that he did not expect and he dismantles all the ideas that he had put together in my head, but this time I think it is quite feasible that he could be right. What do you think?

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