One Piece: Has Ener discovered the secret of the creation of the Seraphim? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 22 Sep 2022 at 11:24

What if the fascinating Seraphim were machines from a long time ago? Machines that Ener rediscovered? A hypothesis that stands when you look at his adventures!

You remember ? During the Skypeia arc, the Mugiwara were able to meet a somewhat special figure, namely Enel, the man with the lodgea of ​​lightning, an almost divine creature that nothing can resist, except… the rubber ! After an epic battle, Luffy finally managed to defeat him, which led to Enel’s exile to the moon. Up there, the arrogant Bilca has not been idle, as we have been able to discover through his mini-adventures on the cover of the chapter, since he has discovered new peoples there, but above all, he has been able to come across extremely old retracing the history of the natives, and in particular the creation of Spaceys. But do these paintings rather not give the secret of creation Seraphim ?

The very first Seraphim?

We have indeed been able to notice that the design of the latter is to be small, with wings on the back, just like the Spaceys. The disturbing detail is that it is possible to open these little beings, and therefore the image symbolizes the possibility they have of being modifiable. So, if Vegapunk had succeeded in obtaining – we do not know by what means – the technology of these populations of the moon, he would have had access to these prototypes open to improvement, which he would have done using Shichibukai’s DNA that he has available.

To return to the “how” of obtaining this technology, we recall that the World Government installed Marie-Geoise at the location of what was previously the Kingdom of the Lunarias – Lunarias whose very name seems to indicate that they also come from the moon. We imagine that they thus had to get their hands on their technology by destroying them, a technology which for a long time would have been useless to them until they got their hands on one of these descendants, namely King, the whole studied by the greatest scientist in the world, Vegapunk.

Towards a return of Ener?

All these elements put end to end also suggest to us that it is high time for Oda to tell us more about these peoples from the moon, Lunarias and Bilcas. In this context, it would be time to finally bring down the one who has been expected for a while in the series: Ener.

So, soon the god of lightning in your chapters?