One Piece has made a serious mistake with Luffy and it can be expensive

This formula of creating stories could tire One Piece readers.

The last dream you’ve made one piece on Luffy It is the latest in a long series of errors in which it is shown that so much mystery is not necessary. From what the D stands for in the names of some of the characters in the story to the actual identities of characters like crocodile, one piece has always striven to do everything is a mystery and this does not always have to be positive.

This formula of creating stories could tire One Piece readers

this way of doing things can be counterproductive when developing the series and more when a random character is introduced. This results in his comings and goings not being purposeful until over 100 chapters later, and that can leave readers disoriented or even tired. Furthermore, after more than 25 years, this formula has become so tired that readers expect everything in the series to mean something more.

One Piece this detail makes Ace's death even more painful

One Piece this detail makes Ace’s death even more painful

Chapter 1060 of one piece continue to use this formula when Luffy tells your crew what you want to do once achieve your dream, referred to as something you want to do in what is supposed to be the end of the story. This information remains hidden from readers, who are only able to see their crew’s reactions to the captain’s speech. This is a new mystery that is added among many others to one piece.

Aside from adding another layer of mystery to the already huge pile of mysteries, this latest development is ineffective for a number of reasons. In a selfish way, the creator decides to separate the reader from the dreams of Luffy and it is a mystery that will be solved much later. This creative decision only creates mystery for no reason as it has been done on other occasions.

The other big problem with the scene is that keeping the dream of Luffy secrecy is not necessary for the smooth running of the story. Now fans can only speculate on the dream of Luffy creating new theories about the universe one piecethat it’s nothing new for the series.

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