One Piece has many similarities with Fairy Tale and you had not noticed

The similarities are much more than evident between One Piece and Fairy Tail, a coincidence?

One Piece and Fairy Tail

One of the most deeply rooted customs in the manga and anime culture has been the inspiration that these series provoke on its fans, encouraging them to make their own creations and taking as a reference some of the most distinctive elements of its predecessors.

In this sense, there are series so popular that their influence is found in all the parts that build a story and consolidate the design of many manga and anime series. Such is the case of Dragon Ball, Naruto, Pokemon, to mention a few, who basically were the pillar of an entire international industry. So we can’t exclude one piece of the list.

Despite the fact that the creators are constantly under the attention of their audience, who repeatedly notice the patterns or the connection between two or more series, they are happy that they realized such an important detail about their favorite series. However, returning to the case of One Piece, fans have noticed that this line of inspiration has crossed the line of plagiarism a bit when we talk about Fairy Tail.

We are aware that similarities can occur without any problem and that they are not a reason to accuse something as serious as plagiarism in the world of creation. But there are many issues that make us think that there was definitely an aftershock. Here it should be clarified that Eiichiro Oda and Hiro Mashima have been friends for a considerable period of time, which could have led Mashima to base himself on Oda’s work to create Fairy Tail.

Well, in case you still doubt this statement, we will take a tour for some of the most relevant aspects that have led us to believe in this and judge for yourself.


The characters between One Piece and Fairy Tail are very similar

The designs are very similar

Before delving into the narrative, if you’re familiar with both series, you’ll realize that their character designs have many things in common, including the environment that surrounds them on the cover. But the one that stands out the most is Gildarts, from Fairy Tail, who bears a suspicious resemblance to Sharksof one piece.

To better understand, Gildarts’ round face and short red hair have an air quite close to that of Sharks. In fact, not only do they share a robust build and a similar expression, but they also his mission in history is also channeled to similar ends. That is to say, the two represent a kind of father figure and mentor for their respective protagonists (despite the fact that their importance decreases after the most complicated events of the plot unfold).

Here we also have another example, perhaps not as obvious as the first, but it does exist. Is about Gajeel Redfox and Monkey D. Dragon. Both characters share quite peculiar tousled black hair, certain traits and, when compared in detail, they seem to have been made from the same sketch.

The protagonists

Monkey D. Luffy is a very decisive characterfull of energy that throughout the series has been able to achieve each of his goals (perhaps not yet his final destination), however, he has an evident fighting spirit and camaraderie in the same way as Natsu Dragneel -from Fairy Tail-. In this sense, both want to venture out regardless of the price of the challenges to achieve their goals and the well-being of those around them.

Even in the latter share your value system, since they will always be willing to protect their loved ones and do not support evil. They consider loyalty above all else and their crew and guild, respectively, will always be ahead. Perhaps many of the protagonists of different series have these qualities worthy of a hero, but the resemblance between Luffy and Natsu is more than evident.


Natsu and Luffy have a lot in common.

Their worlds are equivalent

one piece it is very focused on the adventures of pirates; and, in parallel, Fairy Tail bases its plot around magic, the battles and challenges that Eiichiro Oda’s work addresses in his characteristic way. However, although they have different mysteries, we must not forget that the secrets are one of the main motivators of both series.

In summary, there are many details that shonen series do not share, but also there are several fairly obvious connections throughout the history of Fairy Tail that refer to the way in which One Piece develops its own argument. In this sense, it is more than a collection of references, although, of course, we cannot confirm that inspiration simply could not have been involved. Be that as it may, all the elements that Fairy Tail takes from One Piece are very visible to fans of both series.