One Piece has turned Luffy’s stupidest ability into a weapon

Luffy has turned his stupidest ability into an offensive attack.

Luffy has transformed his stupidest ability into a lethal weapon.

The current development that the One Piece plot has had has given Luffy new abilities with which he has managed to overcome the obstacles that have been placed on his way, showing that he is a very complete character when it comes to making use of his various techniques.

In the Wano arc, Luffy managed to awaken the power of his Devil Fruit, acquiring a new transformation called Gear Fifthwhich allows you to shape your environment and reality at your convenience, your imagination being the only limitation of such immense power, thanks to this form, the Straw Hat has made use of new abilities that have completely surprised the followers.

On the other hand, recently, it has been seen that Luffy has turned the stupidest ability he possesses into a lethal weapon, being this a bit funny and dangerous at the same time. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #1070 of the One Piece manga.

Luffy’s stupidest ability is now a weapon

Luffy has turned his stupidest ability into a lethal weapon

Luffy has turned his stupidest ability into a lethal weapon

Since the beginning of One Piece, Luffy has shown to have talents and somewhat interesting and at the same time stupid skillsas many of these derive from his peculiar rude and childish personality, due to these distinctive characteristics of the Straw Hat, his techniques become unpredictable for his opponents, since they do not expect what madness this pirate will come out with.

Luffy’s unexpected follies have characterized him and his abilities, since he has always achieved push your limits beyond imaginationmotivated by his great determination and high sense of justice that he possesses, which has led him to gain great power and a name in all seas.

With the newly acquired Gear Fifth, Luffy has become even more more unpredictable and powerfulsince this pirate can do everything imaginable while in this form, fighting freely, just as the power of this Fruit describes it, and an example of this has been the most recent attack by the Straw Hat, since he has transformed his stupidest ability into a weapon.

Luffy has been characterized by have a voracious appetite and he has shown it countless times throughout the series. However, in the chapter # 1070 of the mangathis pirate has turned this trait into an offensive ability during his confrontation against Rob Lucci, because the Straw Hat has tried to eat his rival, but he manages to dodge it, in view of that, Mugiwara hits his cheeks to launch pieces of the rubble which he picked up when he missed biting Lucci.

Luffy's new attacks are quite cartoonish just like Oda wanted.

Luffy’s new attacks are quite cartoonish just like Oda wanted.

Without a doubt, this ability of Luffy’s is a so funny because of its provenancebecause he has managed to combine one of his hobbies into a lethal weapon, having hilarious and showing the funny side that Eiichiro Oda was looking to give back to the Straw Hat battles.

On the one hand, the immense power that Gear Fifth has has become more than clear, being Few characters could cope with this transformation of the Straw Hat, which has established himself as one of the strongest and most determined pirates of the entire series, being considered a priority target for the World Government who wishes to get rid of him completely.

Also, as the plot has developed, Luffy has revealed a Gear Fifth ability that could change everythingsince this makes him an extremely powerful being, surpassing the current scale of power in the series.

It should be noted that the recent events in Egghead have given rise to start the final war officiallygiven that the Navy and Kizaru have arrived at this place to wipe out everyone present.