One Piece: Have the Rocks all been cloned? – melty

By Samir Rahmoun

– Posted on 24 Jan 2023 at 09:00

Could the entire Rocks berserk crew have been the subject of MADS cloning research?

It’s still a big boom that Eiichiro Oda gave us in the last chapter 1072 ! Stussy, the queen of the underworld and member of CP-0 is in fact a clone of Bakkin, mother of Weeble, and so-called lover of Whitebeard. A hypothesis that seemed quite laughable until this last chapter, where it suddenly took shape, with the unveiling of Bakkin’s other name, also known as Miss Buckingham. According to the last page of the chapter, Stussy would be the MADS’ first successful cloning experiment. What to question. If it is the “first”, it could be that others have followed. And who could these “others” be? Wouldn’t it be the Rocks?

Stussy, the woman of all secrets

We saw indeed with the Seraphim that Vegapunk liked to clone groups of particular pirates, in this case the Shichibukai. An operation that he had to justify by their high degree of power. What if he had already had the same idea, a few decades earlier? After being impressed by the crazy power of the Rocks, which required the unprecedented alliance between Roger and Garp to defeat them, we can imagine that the brilliant scientist wanted to appropriate their power by cloning them, to the delight of the world government. .

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see Big Mom and other younger Kaido emerge. Does this mean that at the time he had not been able to succeed in the operation on those who were to become Yonkou? But what operations could have succeeded?

Does Xebec D. Rocks clone exist somewhere?

Our little finger tells us that if many members could not have a clone, the operation that would have been carried out on Xebec D. Rocks might not be a complete failure. And maybe even, if Stussy is fully operational, the Xebec clone could be kept in some sort of stasis for him by the greats of this world. For studies? Or to make a weapon out of it?

That is the question!