One Piece: he imagines what the crew of Gol D. Roger would look like if it had not been dissolved, the result is fantastic

Well-known name for fans of One Piece, Gold Roger had a crew formidable before concealing his famous treasure and being executed. But what would the Roger Pirates today ? A artist has a fairly specific idea in mind, and he won us over.

Gol D. Roger, the greatest pirate of all time

Should we insult a fan of One Pieceto present the famous Gol D. Roger, better known as Gold Roger? Just remember that he was the Lord of the Pirates, the holder of the famous but still untraceable One Piece, the priceless treasure whose search gave birth to the golden age of piracy. His arrest and subsequent execution in his hometown, for his many misdeeds, also led the dissolution of his crew.

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If this crew still remains shrouded in mystery more than 20 years after the death of Gold Roger, it remains legendary: the Roger Pirates are the only ones to have managed to get the island of Laugh Tale, at the very end of the Grand Line. It is precisely this crew that the artist Ricky Acong Subroto decided to draw, whose work was shared on Twitter by a certain Kiyo a few months ago. And you will see for yourself, the result is stunning.

The Pirates Roger Crew, 20 Years Later

As we have said, the execution of Gold Roger ended the reign of his crew on the seas. But artist Ricky Acong Subroto imagined what this one would look like 20 years later, if all the members had survived and the Roger Pirates crew had never disbanded. The result is a dozen characters who have certainly aged, but who are more terrifying and determined than ever.

Imagine this is the Roger Pirates now!! It will be the strongest crew ever #ONEPIECE1054

July 15, 2022

Imagine it’s the Roger Pirates now!! It would be the strongest crew ever

We logically find Gold Roger in the center, since he would logically have remained the central pillar of this team, the one without whom nothing would be possible. Even the least avid readers/viewers can find known faces, like Shanks le Roux (far right) or Baggy le Clown (further left), to recite nobody else but them. Also note the presence of Portgas D. Ace, Roger’s son, who was unborn when his father died but most likely would have joined his crew and ensured his inheritance. For our part, we find this fan art extremely successful! And you?