One Piece: here is the origin of the fruits of the devil according to Vegapunk

As always, it was not necessary to be absent subscribers for the release of a new chapter of One Piece. Chapter 1069 notably allowed the sulphurous Dr Vegapunk to explain one of the most incredible mysteries of the One Piece universe.

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Although still a mere theory, it was convincing enough to arouse the curiosity of fans. But what is it exactly?


The origin of devil fruits

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Devil Fruits are an integral part of the One Piece universe in many ways. Granting unimaginable powers to these holders in exchange for their ability to swim, these fruits with mysterious origins have become the object of all desires.

It is not even an exaggeration to say that according to the powers of the fruit, it is even possible to dominate the world. The pirates and the navy and the agents of the world government are the main holders of it and use their power in order to achieve their objective. We can therefore say that the fruits of the devil are omnipresent in One Piece.

That said, no one seems able to explain their origins and the reason for their existence. If we put aside the legend that says that real demons reside in the fruits, there are very few details on the subject.

The questions

The only certainties are related to their names and the powers they conceal. Also, the other confirmation is that a person can’t have multiple Devil Fruits, because he would risk dying from them. But if so, how is it possible that Blackbeard can own two and suffer no backlash?

This is still a gray area that deserves clarification to add to the list. Despite everything, Dr. Vegapunk, the greatest scientist in the world, seems to have an idea on the matter. To get back into the contest, the starting point of his explanation starts during the fight which again opposes Luffy to Rob Lucci.

As you remember, this member of CP0 has already dealt with the Straw Hat gang during the Enies Lobby arc. During this confrontation which looked like revenge, Luffy and Lucci awaken their devil fruit. It is then that Vegapunk shares his theory with Robin and the other members of the crew.

Dr. Vegapunk’s Theory

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According to Dr. Vegapunk’s hypothesis, Devil Fruits have a role to play in the fate of mankind. To be more specific, he believes that Devil Fruits are actually the Fruits of Hope. For him, each of these fruits is supposed to help the human species to exploit its full potential and evolve to a higher level.

And all this would have been born of someone’s desire. But it’s not quite a one-way street. Although the powers obtained through its fruits are enviable, the fact remains that many people hate them. During his extrapolations, Vegapunk also mentioned another subject.

The ocean, which he also considers the mother of nature, hates more than anything these fruits which are against nature and should not even exist. This theory seems to explain why Devil Fruit holders cannot swim, as they are thrown up by the sea.

Still more uncertainties

Of course, this is all just a theory that has yet to be proven. The mystery around the Devil Fruit is still intact. As for knowing if the mystery will one day be lifted, everything will depend on Eiichiro Oda who remains the master of the game until the end.

But you never know, everything could change with the release of the next chapters of One Piece. So it’s only a matter of time to find out if Dr. Vegapunk got it all right with his theory about the origins of Devil Fruits. We will therefore have to remain attentive to each release of chapters.

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