One Piece: here is the origin of this expression resurrected following the last episode of the anime

Started in its paper version in 1997, then two years later in anime, One Piece is probably the most popular manga in the world. Recently, episode 1015 was broadcast, an opportunity for fans to bring out of the closet a term that will not appeal to everyone: “Roof Piece”. But what is the origin of it and, above all, what does it mean? We explain it all to you!

!!! SPOILERS on episode 1015 of One Piece !!!

A 1015 episode acclaimed by One Piece fans

If manga and anime One Piece sometimes tend to drag on, fans are amply rewarded when the writers decide to get down to business. As much to say thatwith episode 1015, broadcast a few days ago, they were not disappointed! This is indeed already considered by many as one of the best in all anime, One Piece having then logically hung out trending on Twitter for a while.

But another term associated with anime and manga has also found some success on the social network: “Roofpiece”. For the less connoisseurs, this one finds its origin in this episode 1015, after Luffy finally managed to reach the roof of the Dome of Onigashima Island and thus began his fight between against Kaido. For readers of the manga, this therefore corresponds to Chapter 1000.

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But the expression is actually a bit older and serves as a running gag among fans.

The skull-shaped Dome in the heart of an endless arch

If the term “Roof Piece” is indeed linked to the events taking place on Onigashima, rather, it dates back to Episode 997 of the anime, or Chapter 987 of the manga. This is where the attack on the island began against Kaido, who then went to the roof of the Skull Dome in order to face the Red Scabbards, the samurai in the service of the Kozuki Family. That’s when it became a real battlefield. The word “roof” means “roof” in French, so we can consider that this event constitutes the beginnings of the expression “Roof Piece” used by fans.

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But as mentioned above, “Roof Piece” is actually a running gag aimed at – kindly – mocking the anime/manga, which seems to be pulling the strings a bit: it took no less than 18 episodes (13 chapters) for Luffy and his friends to reach this famous roof! To give you a more concrete idea, know that Chapter 987 which begins the battle for the roof of the Dome in the shōnen was released in August 2020. So Kaido has been standing on it for about twenty months.

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And if his fight with Luffy is about to end in the manga, this is far from being the case in the anime, since his fight against Luffy has only just begun there. It’s a safe bet that after having generated so much hype, the writers do not want to ship this moment, which should therefore continue over a few additional episodes. In short, we should hear about “Roof Piece” for quite a while.