One Piece: Here the moment when Oda

Oda did it again, and it is that the teacher who leaves clues about what will happen later in the events of one piece He left a hint a long time ago that gave us a preview of what is currently happening with the new “Luffy transformation”

This breakthrough occurred during a color spread made by Eiichiro Oda and shared in the 45th edition of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in October of the year 2021. It was a very special illustration since with it the mangaka made a tribute to the video game characters Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

In it we can see some of the Straw Hat pirates dressed as characters from Nintendo’s most popular brawler, among which we distinguish Link dressed as Zoro, Jimbe as Mario, Franky as Donkey Kong… and finally Luffy drawing flames with the same outfit as Ken.

One Piece Color Spread in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine’s 45th Issue | Photo: Shueisha

There is only one detail, why is Luffy’s hair on fire? Some of us could interpret it as an allusion to the fire that Ken produces after executing his star move (Shoryuken), but THIS IS where we were warned about Luffy’s next transformation in the chapter 1044 of the sleeve.

The flames in Luffy’s hair have now returned as part of the character’s official appearance.after being revealed his connection with the “Sun God” Nika thanks to his devil fruit.

Oda warned us about Luffy’s transformation from 5 months ago.


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