One Piece honors its 4 new emperors with this official art

And Buggy continues to succeed…

One Piece honors its 4 new emperors with this official art

One Piece has entered its final phase, whether it takes a year or another 25 years (we know Eiichiro Oda doesn’t take his job lightly) to finish, what is a fact is that, eventually, we will see what it really is. the treasure of Gol D. Roger and what will be the path that Monkey D. Luffy and company will take. To celebrate all this, they have released a new official art with their four new yonkousthe four emperors of the sea.

With One Piece officially returning from its hiatus and kicking off the final saga of the series, Chapter 1054 of the manga has decided to start off with a bang. Teasing the kinds of shake-ups across the seas that fans will see throughout the rest of the series, the new chapter cover reveals a much cooler look at the new Four Emperors. While Shanks and Marshall D. Teech remain part of the lineup, Luffy (in his Gear Fifth form) and Buggy were added to the group to replace Kaido and Big Mom.. Check out the art that brings them together below:

One of the last revelations before the Wano arc officially ended was the fact that, after Kaido and Big Mom’s defeat, Luffy had become one of the new Four Emperors of the sea. His bounty also doubled after the fight, and now Luffy is one of the most notable faces in the sea in general. The surprising addition, of course, is Buggy, as fans last saw him fighting the Marines following the dissolution of the Seven Warlords system. He somehow worked his way up to one of the highest positions in the seas in general.

The grand finale of One Piece is getting closer

Not only do fans need to see Luffy progress as one of the new Four Emperors, but there are so many things happening outside of Wano that need to be explored with this final saga. Oda himself noted how he hopes to finish the series in three years., but there’s still so much left to explore that it’s a wonder whether or not it will live up to that prediction. But what do you think of the new Four Emperors lineup?

one piece buggy

One Piece’s final arc is surprising its fans, even with the announcement of Buggy as a new yonko.

One Piece has officially returned for the final saga of the long-running manga franchise, and the series showcases the new Four Emperors lineup with a special new cover for the latest chapter. Eiichiro Oda took a break for the last month to prepare for the final saga of the series. (along with celebrating the milestone 25th anniversary of the franchise as a whole), and one of the major cliffhangers fans had been cooking for. during the summer was the fact that a new group of emperors had been appointed after the fight with Kaido and Big Mom.