One Piece: how did you confirm your final saga and when can it be seen?

The official networks “OnePiece” confirmed that the manga will soon come to an end after the creator himself, Eiichiro Odawill anticipate the beginning of the end on June 7.

“On July 25, after a hiatus period, One Piece will start its last chapter”were the published words, which were accompanied by a commemorative image.

The portrait shows the silhouette of Luffy accompanied, in the background, by different manga panels in which his companions shouted to the world that he was going to be the future Pirate king.

In this way, after the chapter on June 19, there will be no One Piece manga in four weeks, being the biggest break in the series in its 25-year history.

Something similar had only happened once, between chapters 597 and 598, when the famous time skip. At that time, there were four weeks between the two, and the hiatus symbolized the passage of two years within the world of One Piece. Upon his return, all the characters came back changed, with new powers and ready for the New World.

Will “One Piece” say goodbye with a saga?

Although Oda used the word “bow” to refer to the end and the manga’s network publication talks about “chapter”most likely it is a saga.

As is known, there are too many issues left to address to be a mere story arc. We have the stories of Laught Tale, Shanks, Luffy’s father, the confrontations with Blackbeard and the World Government, the resolution of the Levely, among others.

A saga would make more sense, since the last one, the Saga of the Four Emperorshas lasted almost eight years and encompassed stories as wide as Zou, Whole Cake Island and Wano.

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While we wait for more news about the final stretch, you will soon be able to enjoy the remaining chapters, the 1052 and 1053and thus know at what point we will stay.

In fact, it is possible that even plots as important as the Shanks one will be resolved in “One Piece RED”the new film planned for Augustsince in their advances they have revealed hitherto unpublished details such as the relationship between Luffy and Shanks’ daughter.

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