One Piece: how long will it take to reach the end of the manga?

From start to finish One Piece will take you 1 week without a break.

One Piece is currently in full swing, since after the Kaido’s expected defeat by Luffy with Gear Fifth, of which we have been able to see an incredible animation made by a fan, the moment in which Luffy’s pirates will have to face the greatest villain of One Piece is approaching, being so that this is summarized in that Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of the series, has already announced that the next arc will be the last.

This in itself can cause many to fear that One Piece, which has exceeded a thousand episodes in both manga and anime, may be a few months from completion. However, nothing is further from reality, since everything points to we still have piracy for a while with Luffy, Zoro, Nami and company. And with this in mind and knowing that there will be many people who are interested in reading it before its imminent end, a calculation has been made of the time it would take to read all One Piece.

Over 140 hours to read all One Piece chapters to date

One Piece anticipated the return of a major villain

One Piece anticipated the return of a major villain

According to what has been known through an investigation by fans, it has been established that the average reading time of One Piece is 5-10 minutes per chapter. In this way, it is calculated that each chapter lasts an average of 8 minutes. Knowing this, the fans have made a calculation so that to get to chapter 1060 it would be necessary to read 8480 minutes, which is equivalent to approximately 142 hours.

Through this calculation it has been seen that read One Piece in full and without interruptionswhich includes not eating and not sleeping during that time, it would take a total of 6 full days. It must be said that this is unrealistic if we take into account that no character can go that long without eating or drinking, but if you spread it out a little over time, you may catch up with One Piece in a month.

Of course, this is better than doing it with the anime, since with more than a thousand chapters and with an average duration of 20 minutes each, you can be half a year to catch up. And all that with some luck.

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