One Piece: How old are characters like Luffy, Zoro or Nami? Are they of legal age?

One of the most typical things about the anime that we see on the Internet or on television is that its different protagonists do not appear as old as they really are. The Japanese often create works with youthful characters that look mature and have deceptive physical features. We have the clearest example in the ‘lolis’, which are girls who look like little girls and who are perhaps 30 years old. In one piece does this happen too?

When seeing the first sagas of the work of Eiichiro Oda it can be noticed that His characters have a rather adolescent appearance, something that is further accentuated when analyzing the personality of its protagonist. Luffy is a crazy, optimistic young man who always wants to have fun with his friends, but in contrast we have other figures like Zoro (who drinks alcohol) or Sanji (who smokes cigarettes like there is no tomorrow). Are mugiwara of legal age?

This is the age of the Straw Hats.

  • luffy: 17 years old (beginning of One Piece) | 19 years (current)⭐
  • Zoro: 19 years at the beginning | 21 years (current)✅
  • Nami: 18 years | 20 years (current)✅
  • usopp: 17 years | 19 years (current)✅
  • Sanji: 19 years | 21 years (current)✅
  • Chopper: 15 years | 17 years (current)✅
  • Nico Robin: 28 years | 30 years (current)✅
  • Frankie: 34 years | 36 years (current)✅
  • Brook: 88 years | 90 years (current)✅
  • jinbe: 44 years | 46 years (current)✅

So today the group that surrounds the protagonist only has a minor (Chopper), and to the surprise of many, there are several characters with a fairly advanced age (Nico Robin, Franky, Brook and Jinbe). Many of them continue to show carefree and even somewhat immature attitudes, but there are figures like Jinbe or Robin whose personalities are more in line with their real ages. Have these One Piece data surprised you?

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