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Out of hundreds of characters of one piece, the members of the Straw Hat gang stand out not only for being quite powerful or having a fascinating design: in the end, they are all quite strange beings, as different from each other as they are fascinating as a whole. In this sense, Something that many fans have asked ourselves is how tall these heroes are: luckily the answer lies below.

Monkey D Luffy

The protagonist of the marine epic written by Eiichiro Oda, Monkey D. Luffy is not as tall as he seems, as he barely exceeds one meter and 72 centimeters. Of course: this is an average height, because due to the nature of the pirate, who can extend his body at will, the final result varies considerably.

The protagonist of the story | Image: Toei Animation

Roronoa Zoro

This former bounty hunter and powerful swordsman He started out measuring 178 centimeters at the beginning of the series, although he is currently 181 centimeters tall. Considering that the beginning was only 19 years old, it is completely understandable.

A pretty badass swordsman | Image: Toei Animation


the beautiful Nami she is certainly not a very tall woman to say: measuring 169 centimeters at the beginning of one piece, he has currently reached a height of 170 centimeters. Of course: when you have to face her, not even the most gigantic opponent can tackle her in a fit of fury.

The most beloved waifu | Image: Toei Animation


The fourth member of the crew of the Straw hat is one of those that has grown the least over the years, since At the beginning of the series he had a height of 174 centimeters, and currently he is only 176 centimeters. Yes: he is relatively tall, we can’t deny that, but compared to beasts like Jinbe, Usopp’s height pales.

The crazy Straw Hat | Image: Toei Animation


Sanji It’s not exactly very tall, but it’s not very small either. Well: maybe he is a tall man by Japanese standards. Whatever: at the beginning of one piece this chef was 170 centimeters tall, and is currently no taller than 180 centimeters.

A dangerous cook | Photo: Toei Animation


It may seem very small and cute, but the truth is that when chopper transforms, this sweet reindeer can become a violent and enormous being: that is, it does not maintain a constant height. In this sense, its hybrid form is the most common of the pirate, and this It measures only 70 centimeters in height.

As small as lethal | Image: Toei Animation

Nico Robin

The beautiful archaeologist of the Straw Hats, Nico Robinnot only is she a fairly tall woman in One Piece: she is also one of the largest pirates in the entire crew, well is 188 centimeters tall.

The smartest woman among the Straw Hats | Image: Toei Animation


This cyborg is quite threatening: a result of the enormous proportions that he embodies, and that is that Franky has a height of 240 centimeters. Considering that many of his body parts are replaceable, which would allow him to gain some height depending on the replacement, we warn that Franky could easily become the tallest of the Straw Hats.

The unstoppable cyborg | Image: Toei Animation


This bizarre skeleton is one of the tallest members of the Straw Hats: At 277 centimeters, Brook is almost able to double Nami’s measurements, Let’s not say anything about little Chopper!

A slim and rather tall pirate | Image: Toei Animation


Jinbe is by far the largest member of the Straw Hats, as At 301 centimeters tall, the helmsman of this crew stretches out like one of the most menacing pirates. Adding to this measure its folkloric aspect of onianyone could tremble before such a fearsome being.

The helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates | Image: Toei Animation

This dysfunctional adoptive family has proven to have more cohesion than those that exist in reality, which is quite surprising, because as you can see, among the Straw Hats there are very different members: from small rubber beings with human appearance, to supernatural ones. and gigantic skeletons that live even after death thanks to the effect of an enigmatic fruit.

And you, did you already know the heights of the Straw Hats?


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