One Piece: imagine Carrot with a terrifying aspect of a real nightmare

One Piece It is the most beloved Eiichiro Oda franchise. Even its anime adaptation has already exceeded 1,000 episodes, a historical milestone. But, the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who as a child heard the story of Gol D. Roger, the king of the pirates, who was publicly beheaded leaving a great treasure behind him. In his journey he has met great characters like Carrot, who is loved within the fandom.

So, it’s no surprise there are artists like Agent-65 who posted on Reddit, a fan art that will fascinate you, in this we can see how the famous Carrot, the Mink Rabbit from the Isle of Warrior Beasts, has turned into a terrible bunny to celebrate Halloween in spectacular fashion in One Piece, just like Nami and other crew members of The Straw Hat Pirates.

You are probably wondering who is this peculiar character? Currently, she is part of the alliance of pirates who fight against Kaido, in the country of Wano. Although, the first time we saw her in One Piece, it was not that spectacular. In fact, he was spying on Monkey D. Luffy, Zoro and company, as he thought they were intruders who were looking for a way to attack his homeland.

In Spain, The One Piece manga was in charge of the Planeta DeAgostini publishing house and later passed into the hands of Planeta Cómic, which continues to be in his charge. For Mexico and Latin America, its publication began by Editorial Toukan and, later, by Panini Comics. For its part, its anime adaptation is available at Crunchyroll for the West.

Who is Carrot from One Piece?

On the manga from One Piece, she has become one of the waifu of the franchise (Maybe not like Nami who is even a symbol of the power of women in anime. So, if you do not know this incredible character, here we tell you more about it.

In One Piece, Carrot (キ ャ ロ ッ ト) is a mink-type rabbit who was born and raised in the tribe of warrior beasts.. He was part of The Musketeers and the Birds of the Rulers. In fact, it was key to Sanji’s recovery on Whole Cake Island. He is currently in Wano with the pirate alliance against Kaido.

one piece carrot fan art halloween

Before Carrot met The Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece, she had joined the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad and was trained in fencing by the Sicilian. But, as she did not have great skill in handling swords and ranged weapons, Pedro decided to give her some gloves to fight. Everything changed when the Beast Pirates came to attack their land, who were defeated at every step and mercilessly.

Fortunately, we see how the arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates becomes a beacon of hope for her. Together with their master, they will devise a plan to defeat The Beast Pirates. These events will take her to sail with our protagonists in different arcs of One Piece: the Supernovas de la Marine, Whole Cake Island and Levely. Their next meeting will be in Wano Country.