One Piece: Imagine Luffy’s crew looking realistic and this is the brutal result

Yamato and Luffy have never really looked more imposing

One Piece broadcast on Crunchyroll its highly anticipated 1,000th episode and to celebrate, Crunchyroll has released a special filter. Available through Instagram, but this is not the only way in which the community of fans of the mugiwara and the rest of their companions, as the following fan art published in [Reddit]( that turns the main protagonists of the Wano Country arc.

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This illustration turns Nami from One Piece into a perfect witch for Halloween

Who are the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece?

In this fan art, we see represented the Mugiwara “The Straw Hat Pirates”, in the manga From One Piece, this is the crew that has become one of the emblems of the franchise (Including Nami among her triuplants, who is even a symbol of the power of women in the anime. So, if you did not know the history of these pirates, here we will tell you about it.

Los Piratas de Sombrero de Paja (Mugiwara no Kaizoku-dan) It is a gang of pirates originally from East Blue that has crew in different parts of the world. Its captain is Monkey D. Luffy, the main pirate and protagonist of One Piece.

They are known as the Straw Hat Pirates, for the iconic hat Monkey D. Luffy wears, this was a gift from Shanks, his adoptive older brother. For much of their adventure in One Piece, they crossed the sea aboard the Going Merry to the Water 7 arc. After the tragic events, Franky and Iceburg built them a new ship called the Thousand Sunny.

Despite the fact that its members may be separated for years, they know that they are like a family that does not need to be next to each other. Currently, the Straw Hat Pirates are made up of ten members whose rewards totaling a total of $ 3,161,000,100 bellys. They are one of the most wanted pirates by the naval army in all of One Piece and in the current arc, we will see them fight against Kaido and his army.

The current members of The Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece are: Monkey D. Luffy as captain; Roronoa Zoro, fighter; Nami, the amazing navigator; Usopp, his sniper; Sanji is the cook, Tony Tony Chopper is the ship’s doctor, Nico Robin is the archeologist, Franky is her carpenter, Brook is the crew musician, and Jinbe is the helmsman.

Who is Yamato?

One of the characters that stands out in this fan art is Yamato from One Piece, who after meeting Monkey D. Luffy, Yamato from One Piece joined the Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance, becoming a great ally in their fight. against Kaido, his own father. He fights his family, as he has decided to follow in the footsteps of Kozuki Oden who wanted to open the borders of Wano.

Yamato one piece fan art

The weapon Yamato wields in One Piece is a giant kanabo much like Kaido’s, although studded and thinner, the kanabo can deal tremendous damage to objects and opponents with a single hit, and with haki, it can be used to perform attacks on distance that can even resemble blasts of energy.

Where to see episode 1000 of One Piece in Spanish?

Finally, One Piece episode 1000 aired in Spain, Mexico and Latin America this weekend via Crunchyroll , in which the great meeting of the Mugiwara with their new alliances concludes. In the closing frame, we see how Luffy seems to be about to unleash his great final power, surrounded and supported by members of his crew such as some Akazaya. So, we will probably soon see the fighting against the Queen, Jack and the entire crew of Kaido and company.

One Piece 1000 anime where to see

If you are a One Piece fan, you are surely looking forward to the final big fight between Kaido and Monkey D. Luffy (as boasted in the giant mural in Brooklyn, New York). Furthermore, the devastating power of the villain may be the spark our straw hat pirate needs to awaken the power of his devil fruit as much of the fan community has been speculating.. This will answer the doubts of his fans about what the next scale of power that we will see in the franchise will be like.

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