One Piece: imagine what Luffy’s Gear Fifth would look like in the anime and you will want it to be reality

It seems that One Piece chapter 1044 continues to give its fans something to talk about

In One Piece Chapter 1044 we saw some of the most interesting reveals of the franchise in recent years, especially in regards to Monkey D. Luffy’s new power level after awakening from his devil fruit. The real name of the fruit Gomu-Gomu has been revealed as Hito-Hito (human-human) model Nika.

This fruit from One Piece allowed Monkey D. Luffy to adopt a new physical form that represents Nika, the God of the Sun. The World Government Navy expresses it in the following way: “His body continues to maintain its elastic properties and fights in a fanciful way… Bringing smiles to people’s faces, he is “the freedom fighter”, also known as Nika, the Sun God… Said to be the craziest power there is.”

one piece luffy gear fifth

This One Piece chapter 1044 took its time to arrive, but its fans admit that the wait was worth it and many of them have paid tribute to Luffy’s craziest power so far, his form of Nika, the Sun God, too. known as his Gear Fifth. With this new shape you can turn everything you touch into rubber and finally beat Kaido.

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Fan art of Gear Fifth of Luffy from One Piece

The piece of fan art comes from Woden Creative on Twitter, as we can see below, kept some of the elements mentioned throughout One Piece chapter 1044, such as Nika’s appearance, her radiant hair like the sun, and her fanciful way of being. This artist focused on how Luffy awakens his devil fruit in the wake of Kaido’s victory.. For a moment, it seemed that the Wano tyrant had managed to kill the Straw Hat captain, but that was before the truth was revealed. Hito Hito no Mi, the real name of the fruit he ate as a child, gave Luffy a second wind and helped him unleash Gear Fifth.

one piece luffy gear fifth

This new physical form does not greatly modify Luffy’s base body, but gives him the ability to armor and inflate it on command and turn his surroundings into rubber. This gives him more agility in One Piece on the battlefield. Also, his Gear Fifth causes some physical changes., Luffy’s dark hair is replaced with orange-yellow flames, and his expression has a cartoonish look. Not to mention the fire pattern his eyes take on, and a cloudy substance seems to follow Luffy wherever he goes when he enters Gear Fifth in One Piece.

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