One Piece in live-action series: Iñaki Godoy worried about playing Luffy? The focus of the actor

Despite the enormous critical and public failure of his project around Cowboy Bebop (the series has been canceled and will not have a season 2), Netflix does not intend to stop adapting the most iconic manga and anime from pop culture into live-action. Also, as announced last year, it is the production of a series adapted from One Piece which is currently underway.

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Iñaki Godoy worried about playing Luffy?

A new project that already worries fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work, but which mainly makes the happiness of Iñaki Godoy, the actor who was chosen to play Luffy. While one might think that such a role would logically bring enormous pressure on his shoulders, the latter recently took advantage of an FAQ organized on his Instagram account to, conversely, share his excitement.

At the question, “How do you feel about playing Luffy?“, the 18-year-old actor simply confided,”I feel really happy. Very excited. And really grateful for this opportunity. “Then he clarified it further,”You all know Luffy, it’s gonna be really great. Legendary!

The perfect role for the actor

An encouraging enthusiasm, especially since Iñaki Godoy really feels in tune with the hero of One Piece. Asked what he appreciates most in the pirate, the comedian was rave about him, “I really like his ability to dream big. And I like the way he takes care of his friends“But that’s not all, he then added humorously,”And I like the fact that he eats a lot. And then he’s a pirate. It is absolutely unbelievable. How could we not like it all ?!

Speaking of Luffy’s passion for food, Iñaki Godoy has also already had fun portraying it on his social media. In a story published a few days ago, he indeed took a photo in front of a barbecue before declaring: “Taz Skylar [l’acteur choisi pour incarner Sanji, le cuisinier de l’équipage, ndlr], where are you mate? I can’t handle this“.