‘One Piece’: Iñaki Gody (Luffy) is not afraid of Netflix’s live-action haters

Netflix is ​​ready to venture into a new adaptation of a successful manga and of course, anime like ‘One Piece’. This live-action series will star the Mexican Iñaki Gody, who revealed to Sensacine Latam that he is not afraid of haters.

One Piece has earned the respect and admiration of manga and anime lovers around the world. The story of the Straw Hat pirates proved to be really faithful with the latest release One Piece Film Red, but will the same happen with the live-action series that Netflix is ​​preparing? This led us to talk with the Mexican actor Inaki Godoywho will play Luffy himself.

As part of the promotional tour of the Mexican film No abras la puerta, starring Ximena Lamadrid and Alberto Guerra, We talked with Iñaki Godoy about the pressure that could come from carrying a production like the live-action of one pieceespecially after disappointing Netflix adaptations like Death Note and Cowboy Bebop.


“For my future I feel very excited, I will always give my best in all my projects, I have always given it in everything I do”, mentioned the actor of Cheer up youth! and MexZombies. “I feel very happy for what has happened to me and I feel super proud for my role in Do not open the door, I think that Fausto is a character that came to make me grow, learn and I am a better actor thanks to that role.”

We are not going to deny that haters are the order of the day on social networks, especially when a platform streaming as Netflix decides to adapt a classic title like one piece; Let’s just say her reputation precedes her and it’s something the fandom wouldn’t want to be ruined. On these issues, Iñaki Godoy took a moment to clarify that he is not afraid of bad comments, on the contrary, he will take them as “blessings”, because he is sure that he gave his best effort as Luffy.

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“I feel very happy with my work, I know that I gave my best. People will see it and they will decide what they think, but I do this because I like it, because it makes me happy, but whether it is well received or not, that is already small blessings”, he revealed to Sensacine Latam.

I think you do what you have to do because you like it. I act because it is my passion

Until now No detailed information has been revealed regarding the premiere of the live-action of one piece. Among the little confirmed is the end of the filming marked in August of this year, in addition to the participation of Eiichiro Oda himself (creator of the manga) as executive producer, so there will be no decisions taken out of the sleeve.

That is how Iñaki Godoy assured that he is ready for the public to see the first season of one piece made up of 10 episodesWell, he’s sure he gave everything to play Luffy. Meanwhile you can see Godoy’s most recent work on the Mexican film Do not open the doorwhich is available in the ViX Plus catalog.