One Piece Inspires Universal Studios’ First Roller Coaster

A piece is no stranger to theme park attractions, but it looks like the anime is about to welcome a first in that regard. If you didn’t know, Universal Studios has hosted a number of anime-centric events over the years, and summer marks prime time for these crossovers. And now it seems A piece is ready to return to the Japanese park with a special roller coaster.

The update comes from Universal Studios Japan itself for the curious. It turns out that the park will host One Piece Premier Summer 2022 starting in July. For more than four months, the amusement park will celebrate A piece will be special attractions, and one of them is a full-fledged roller coaster.

(Photo: Universal Studios Japan)

Now, Universal Studios Japan isn’t about to build a whole new anime roller coaster. Turns out the ride will come through an overlay on the Hollywood Dream ride. As for the roller coaster, it will be called Departure! Mini Merry II and have fans steer their very own pirate ship high in the sky. The ride will be accompanied by background music and VFX as well as an audio recording of the anime’s main stars.

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This roller coaster debut marks a first for A piece as anime tends to opt for less complicated ideas. Of course, there are other things harder than re-theming entire roller coasters, but A piece will stick to the burden regardless. And with other attractions like Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant joining this summer event, you can bet A piece fans will be dying to pay a visit.

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