One Piece introduces the new pacifists, the most feared enemies in the series

(This piece contains spoilers for those who are not up to date with the One Piece manga.)

Once Kaidou and Big Mom were defeated, One Piece needed a new enemy capable of intimidating as did both Emperors of the Sea. Eiichiro Oda tried his luck with the admirals and sent Ryokugyu to Wano, but the thing did not work out. GreenBull ended up leaving by legs after making a fool of himself in front of Momonosuke and generated more doubts than it cleared about the power of the high command of the Navy. However, in One Piece chapter 1059, the mangaka has found the key and has introduced the new and terrifying pacifists.

Who are the pacifists in One Piece?

The pacifists are cyborgs creators by Vegapunk, the most brilliant scientist in the world (and Franky’s main reference). At the command of the Navy, Vegapunk created these robots as human weapons and the first model of his had the form of Bartholomew Kuma, one of the seven shichibukai. Surely you remember them because they starred two of the most spectacular moments of One Piece before the time jump.

The first occurred in the final stretch of the Thriller Bark arc. Once Moria was defeated, with Luffy KO’d and the rest of the mugiwara exhausted, the original kuma made an appearance and put the whole band in check. At that moment Zoro took a step forward and begged him to take his head instead of Luffy’s, impressing the Warlord. The swordsman symbolized the gang’s devotion and fidelity to his captain, and Kuma vowed to leave if Kuma could hold out. all of Luffy’s wounds and pain. The result? One Piece Story:

The second moment took place in the Sabaody Archipelago, when Kuma he beat up the Straw Hats and made them fly with a slap to different places in the world. He broke up the gang, made it clear that none of them were ready for the New World, and was one of the reasons for the two year training that took place during the time skip. Marineford was only the verification that there were more dangers like the pacifists (some even greater) and that luffy wasn’t ready to face them.

A reality shock that triggered a good number of power ups in the band and that gave us the epic return to Sabaody. Because after training with Rayleigh, Luffy returned to our lives being able to defeat Kuma’s new models with a single punch. Even Zoro and Sanji got rid of them with no problem. We thought that the fear of the pacifists had ended there, that they would no longer be a danger to the mugiwara, but as always happens when we anticipate Oda’s plans, we were wrong.

The seraphim, a new pacifist model

In chapter 1059 of One Piece, the pacifists have returned, but not with the appearance of Kuma, but with that of the rest of the shichibukais (or ex-shichibukais, since the organization has been dissolved). We have seen a mihawk pacifistthe best swordsman in the world, and another Boa Hancock pacifist, the empress of Amazon Lily. They both look like children and seem to possess the same abilities as the people they are based on. Mihawk’s is capable of cutting mountains in one fell swoop and who knows if Hancock’s will not have the powers of his devil fruit, the Mero Mero. The mere look of him leaves us stunned (ba dum tss).

one piece pacifists seraphim

Mix of shichibukai and lunarian

But the thing does not end there. The new pacifists, called seraphim, are fast and strong as themselvesand his prodigious physical abilities surprise Blackbeard himselfEmperor of the Sea and second pirate with the highest bounty on his head (3,996 million berries, only behind the 4,048 million Shanks).

Well, they surprise him with their abilities… and with their appearance, since they are dark-haired, with red eyes, silver hair and have a pair of wings that bloom on their back. They all look like the members of the extinct lunarian tribe, of which until now we had only known one character: King, Kaidou’s confidant and Zoro’s enemy in the Wano War. The “bird” with leather suit and head on firein Halo skin plan.

The Lunarians are said to have come from the realm of the godsa place that disappeared to make way for Mary Geoise, the site where today stands the headquarters of the World Government and the hideout of the Five Elders, Im Sama and the rest of the nobles, the unbearable Heavenly Dragons (Tenryubitos) that subdue the world).

one piece pacifists seraphim

Everything indicates that Oda is going to tell us sooner or later the story of the lunarians with the seraphim as an excuse, and that this will allow us to know a little more (and catch even more mania) to the tenryubios. King’s character was one of Wano’s most beloved and it was disappointing not to take advantage of it to tell his story and the origins of his race in a flashback, so it’s never too late if happiness is good.

The fact is that One Piece has just presented the new and fearsome enemy that we all asked for. The pacifists 2.0 (or seraphim) are going to relaunch the shichibukai and turn everything upside down. Oda has hit the throttle and the manga proceeds at cruising speed. Let the show begin.

one piece pacifists seraphim