One Piece is about to confirm a famous theory about Luffy’s mother

A theory that is gaining strength.

Throughout all these years it has been possible to see how the character of Luffy has been developing in One Piece, going from being a simple aspiring pirate who saw how Shanks lost his arm trying to save him. one of the Four Emperors of the Seathereby giving rise to us being able to see him as one of the most powerful characters in the manga and anime created by Eiichiro Oda.

Added to this is the fact that Luffy is one of the most loved characters, being so that after his recent victory against Kaido there are fans who have made an incredible animation of Luffy’s Gear Fifth used during this battle and that has raised his powers far beyond known limits. Of course, if something characterizes this character it is his curious family history, being his mother a complete mystery.

Theories point out that Crocodile is Luffy’s mother


Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat crew.

It must be said that today Luffy’s mother has never appeared in One Piece, having in any case theories that point to one character or another. And it seems that the next chapters of the manga could reveal that Crocodile’s family would be related to Luffy.

Chapters ago it was possible to see that Crocodile escaped from his prisonbeing so that in this one he met Emporio Ivankov, who claimed to know this pirate and who has powers such as the manipulation of hormones which allows him to make others change between a male and female body, even though this character threatened Crocodile with revealing a secret from the pirate’s past.

In this way, chapter 1059 has revealed that the Seraphim are the new navy weapons and that have been made with the appearance of some Shichibukai, these being designed in such a way that show these characters as they were as children. Knowing that Crocodile belonged to this group, it is to be expected that at some point his Seraphim will be shown with his appearance as a child, thus giving rise to the possibility that it may be revealed if was born a woman.

This is where the debate and theories are unleashed, since many point out that Crocodile, of which images of him have already been seen in his childhood and verifying that he had an androgynous appearance. In this way, although the kinship would not be confirmed, it may fans are closer to discovering the secret behind Luffy’s lineage.

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