One Piece: Is Luffy able to control his new power at will?

After repeatedly spoiling myself over the years I finally decided to take the plunge. During the last few weeks I started reading the manga of one piece (from the part of Wano where I had stayed) and I’ve finally caught up with the story. Eiichiro Oda is making a large number of important revelations in the face of the outcome of his work, but these surprises are also sowing some doubts in the community.

Of course, in this article I will comment on various topics that are direct SPOILERS for One Piece, so if you only watch the anime and don’t know what happens in the manga, I recommend that you stop reading.

Is Luffy able to control the Awakening of his fruit?

During the final battle against Kaido, Luffy finally managed to develop the “Awakening” of his devil fruitthus developing his Gear 5. This transformation confirmed that the protagonist of One Piece is Joy Boy (or at least has that title), and even the Five Elders of the World Government fear the powers of the so-called Milestone Milestone: Nika model.

Now my question is the following: Can Luffy activate his Gear 5 whenever he wants or is it a difficult state to control?

  • At first we might think that Straw Hat Awakening would be similar to Goku’s Ultra Instinct in Dragon Balla divine transformation that does not appear at the user’s will❓
  • However there are a couple of clues that seem to indicate that Luffy would already have his new powers under controlbeing able to activate the Gear 5 whenever you want✅✅
  • In a scene from chapter 1 061 from the manga it looks like Luffy “imitates” his most powerful form when Bonney mentions her new reward poster, and in the 1062 seems to free her “half“when he gets angry ❓❓

How do you interpret these panels? Naked eye could be mere comic referencesalthough it cannot be ruled out that they are actually details that indicate that Luffy can unleash his new powers whenever he wants. Is Oda going to create some kind of handicap every time the Straw Hat turns to Gear 5? We will have to wait for the next big battle to find out.

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