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By The Worm Brush

– Posted on 08 Apr 2022 at 20:14

Created by Eiichiro Oda and published since 1997, One Piece is one of the most beloved manga across the world. However, some fans believe that it got off to a slow start and that the best time to start the story is from chapter 100 and therefore from volume 12.

It’s no secret. Anyone who knows and has read the first volumes of One Piece knows that the start of Luffy’s adventures was not as fast in its beginnings as in the chapters that followed. And after more than 25 years of publishing, it’s getting harder and harder for fans to keep their enthusiasm intact, although the last chapters have revived some debates around the franchise.

And it can be difficult for the first hour fans to succeed in making new readers want to discover this manga juggernaut that is One Piece. Besides, many of the new fans of the franchise feel that the story only gains momentum from the arc Arlong Park. Still, it might not be until much later that Luffy’s story really gains momentum. It is indeed important to realize that now, those wishing to discover One Piece do not really need to read the first 100 chapters of the manga.

Monkey D. Luffy and the creation of his crew

For some fans, however, it is crucial to know how Luffy met the members of his crew, and especially to understand what prompted his characters to join him in his adventures. Indeed, for the most loyal fans of One Piecethese meetings are the beginning of the adventure, but also the discovery of Luffy, his temperament, his values. However, these are not necessarily the most important moments of the manga. Thanks to the democratization of manga and the net, new readers can quickly understand its elements by simply reading a page from a fandom wiki.

Additionally, in order to maintain fan enthusiasm for the work, it is important that readers are not drowned in a flood of continuous information. But although they are caught up in some key momentsscattered throughout history.

Nami’s story: A passage to know

The best moments of One Piecewhether before or after the threshold of the 100th chapter, remains the personal history of each of the characters, and not necessarily the way in which they interact with each other. With the exception of the beautiful Nami. And the reason is that often a hero is as good as his opponent is bad. And some heroes can be extremely convincing in their role, like Luffy is, but it can be difficult to realize that if the environment and the context are not up to that character.

And the best example is nami’s story. If you remember correctly, when Luffy meets Nami, the latter is reduced to virtual slavery by the powerful Arlong. Like all villains of the time, Arlong was thought to be a caricature of Nappa, a character from dragonball. That is to say, a tyrant who shouts more than he speaks. Eiichiro Oda, in creating the character, also aims to ensure that readers hate Arlongespecially because of his propensity to make fun of the misfortunes of Luffy or those around him.

However, Arlong remains different from Nappa. Indeed, the Fishman has been an important part of Nami’s story. And when Luffy and his crew reach Fishman Island, from chapter 603, they will review old acquaintances from Nami’s past. Knowing this passage of the story allows you to better understand the interactions between the characters.

The arrival of Usopp and the meeting with Nico Robin

For the other Mugiwara members, readers don’t just have to read their personal history, with the exception of Usopp. All that’s important to know about Usopp is that he’s a shameless coward who doesn’t want to be. And the interactions he has with the other characters do not necessarily have an impact immediately on the story, but much later. The arrival of Zoro in the crew could have been interesting, since this character decides to join Luffy although originally he did not want anything to do with the pirates. But reading his rescue can be tediousas the villains holding Zoro spend their time yelling at each other.

Ironically, the introduction of Usopp’s character turns out to be interesting. Depicted as a sickly liar, Usopp turns out to be a big-hearted person since his lies are actually the only escape for a wealthy sick girl who cannot leave her mansion. Nevertheless, Usopp’s lying side is not further explored in the rest of the story, and is soon replaced by his permanent cowardice and fear, which will quickly become a form of rehearsal comedy specific to Usopp. Additionally, during the arc in which he appears, Usopp also takes on the role of villain of the island so that the villagers can continue to live their lives peacefully.

However, it wasn’t until the arrival of Nico Robin, formerly Miss All Sunday, in the story that things would really take a different turn for One Piece. Indeed, initially, Robin was a snarky, enigmatic, confusing villain, but not as rambunctious as some other characters. Although Nico Robin’s story is particularly touching and impressive, it was once she joined the crew, in volume 24, that One Piece will really start winning the hearts of readers, including those boycotting the show.

Ultimately, the personal stories of each of the Mugiwara have no concrete impact on the rest of the story, apart from Nami’s story. And new readers can easily skip reading the first few chapters to really enjoy the story of One Piece. Nevertheless, the first 100 chapters mainly allow you to get to know Luffy and thus to get to know him to better understand his future choices.