One Piece: Is Oda abusing Shichibukai’s new bounties? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 27 Sep 2022 at 13:09

Aren’t the new bounties Eiichiro Oda assigned to former Shichibukai grotesquely high? This is what appears in any case when we review the One Piece series as a whole.

The booms have multiplied in recent weeks in One Piece! Among the crazy revelations made by Eiichiro Oda, we recently had the appearance of Vegapunk, and before that, the discovery of the Shichibukai’s new destiny. Boa Hancock thus returned to her island, where she was saved from Blackbeard by Rayleigh, while the Baggy/Hancock/Mihawk gang joined together to create the Cross Guild. However, if there is nothing surprising in seeing the Shichibukai prosper, we can only wink at the new bounties, which are quite strange!

The Crocodile Problem

Crocodile, the great leap forward

If we have to start with a corsair captain, it’s clearly Crocodile. Concretely, the very first great opponent of Luffy had at the base a bounty of 80 million berries, and today benefits from a bounty of 1.965 billion berries. A leap that surprises, and that does not exactly make sense, since it is even higher bonuses than those of a King, and surely a Beckman, while Crocodile must be far from their power level. And for those who will argue that Crocodile’s bounty had been blocked at the time at 80 million at the time of his accession to the rank of Shichibukai, we recall that Luffy, after beating him, had only obtained a bounty of 100 million. Crocodile was well worth this sum.

As for the argument which wants to say that the monstrous bonus is justified by the actions of the Cross Guild, we recall once again that King, second of the infamous crew of the Hundred Beasts was estimated “at only” 1 .39 billion berries.

Boa Hancock, the magic wand

Hancock, at the top!

If Crocodile’s bounty is spooky, Boa Hancock’s is simply capricious. It goes from 80 million berries at the time of Marineford to 1.659 billion berries – a bonus still above that of all yonkou lieutenants. However, if Hancock is very powerful, and if her base bonus did not reflect her strength, she is not able to measure herself correctly against the powerful pirates who could stand up against her. We indeed see in the chapter of the attack by Blackbeard that the latter and Koby are not affected by the effects of his devil fruit. And both have in common to have the haki of observation. A holder of the haki can thus dodge the powers of the Empress – and many of the high-level pirates in One Piece possess this haki.

What justifies this premium?

Mihawk, the Shichibukai king, and the other emperor?

Mihawk, mad power

For Mihawk, the problem is different. We know it from the beginning, the swordsman is a particular Shichibukai, since he is considered the strongest swordsman in the world, and especially someone who spent his time typing duels with Emperor Shanks. He’s also the only one in all of One Piece to possess a Dark Blade with his Kokuto Yoru – which is one of only two ever seen along with Ryuma’s Shuisui -. From then on, his street cred is well established, and any fabulous bonus is hardly surprising. In his case, with 3.59 billion berries, he is above those who defeated Big Mom (Kid and Law, 3 billion berries) but also beyond the two new emperors Luffy (3 billion berries ) and Baggy (3.189 billion berries), while not far from Shanks’ 4 billion berries. How can the Navy legitimize this difference?

And you, what do you think ?