One Piece is repeating the same mistakes as in the Wano arc

Too many plots to solve at once.

One Piece is a license that has more than 20 years of historywhich has caused that, for more than obvious reasons, it can be seen that there are many stories and fronts that have been opened due to the huge number of characters featuredhaving some more importance than others, but which does not mean that before the imminent end of the series in a few years, Eiichiro Oda is opting for close several fronts.

And this in itself is bringing a very serious problem to One Piecesince this fact, along with many others, causes there are too many side stories and flashbacksthis being one of the biggest criticisms that there was during the Wano arc, in which so many memories and moments from the past of so many characters were shown that it ended up overwhelming many fans, especially because it made it difficult to follow the story.

Egghead’s arc starts to show too many side stories


Wano’s arc has ended in One Piece, but the saga will continue in other projects.

In this way, with the beginning of the Egghead arc, it has been possible to see that Oda not only does not learn from mistakesbut it is repeating them and even surpassing them, since in just a few numbers it has been possible to see that The World Government prepares for war with what could be the revelation of Uranus, is revealed new details of Blackbeard’s crewthe topic of Luffy’s mother and father is brought up, you begin to see the Kuma’s originthe plot of doctor Vegapunk, of the fruits of the devil, is brought to the fore…

And all this in just a few numbers that are beginning to shake more than one fan, who seem to have to follow the manga up to date so as not to lose even the most miserable detail of One Piece. Obviously this is the beginning, so there is still a chance that this situation will be corrected. Despite everything, you will have to be patient to see what awaits Luffy and his crew during the next few months in Egghead.

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