One Piece: Is the gomu gomo no mi actually… the Joy Boy no mi? – melty

By sydney

– Published on Mar 19, 2022 at 15:10

It’s a huge news that awaits us with the end of the last chapter of One Piece, where Joy Boy was announced back by Zunesha. Could the latter in fact be a legend intimately linked to the awakening of gomu gomu no mi?

A somewhat mysterious red thread ran through the final dozen chapters of One Piece, with clues left behind relating to the gomu gomu no mi, a devil fruit actually owned by the World Government, stolen from the Tobi Roppo Who’s Who, and believed to bear another name. A fruit which, moreover, would not have been awakened for several centuries. Suffice to say that over time, we were able to understand that what Luffy had in his veins was not just a simple paramecia, an observation once again made during the last pages of the fight against Kaidô, who noticed that the trajectories of Luffy’s blows should not be allowed by the rubber.

Is this man Joy Boy?

Suffice to say that there is a story behind this devil fruit. A story that finally began to unfold on the last page of the latest chapter – Chapter 1043 – where Zunesha announces the return of Joy Boy, when a half (or totally?) dead Luffy, with a smile on his face, begins the awakening of his fruit. All the points then connect, and we understand that if Luffy was potentially Joy Boy, a widespread hypothesis in recent years, it was because of his fruit.

But, Joy Boy, what is it?

But if we easily understand the link between the fruit and the famous Joy Boy, the question is to know what it represents. Is it an independent entity that delivers its personality and memories to its owner once awakened? If the hypothesis has a lot of charm, it nevertheless suffers from a handicap: Luffy must know all the secrets of the world only once arrived on Laugh Tale, where the One Piece awaits him. Thus, it would be surprising if Joy Boy is a person, who is waiting for his host. Joy Boy would rather be a title, given to the one who had eaten the gomu gomu no mi and who could have awakened it, developing powers enabling him to carry out the messianic task of bringing down the World Government and making public the forgotten century. What do we hyper, without giving us too many revelations?