One Piece: Is the Wano Kuni arc too long? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 28 Apr 2022 at 13:05

The Wano Kuni arc never ends in One Piece, having even officially become the longest of the entire saga. But if the hype was clearly there at the beginning, didn’t we come to a point where the arc became… too long?

Let’s go back a few years earlier. One Piece Chapter 909 was released on this beautiful summer day of June 29, 2018. After teasing it from Punk Hazard and meeting the two halves of Kin’emon, Oda finally offered us the Wano Kuni arc and his bad ass samurai so much expected, which was to be both a mythical battle with genius swordsmen and the monstrous crew of the most powerful creature in the world: Kaidô; but also had to be full of revelations about the One Piece and the forgotten century. But if we were treated to some twists, some are still starting to find the time long.

An uneven rhythm in the fights

It must be said that this feeling is accentuated by the long teasing of many fighters of the Kaidô crew, whether the Tobi Roppo or the Okanban, who ultimately had extremely short fights. We are surprised then that it took so many chapters in Wano Kuni to set up a final plot around these very small clashes. The palm obviously going to the Zoro / King fight, which ended extremely quickly when you think about the fact that King is the last of an overpowered race directly dislodged by the Tenryubito.

Big Mom, the unbearable reappearance

But if these fights shine by a disproportionate introduction compared to their conclusion, there is worse: the running-gag Big Mom. The Yonkou has been present since chapter 907, even before the launch of the arc, when she announces on the phone to Kaidô that she wants to pay Luffy. But unfortunately since then, it has mostly seemed to be too much of the narration, being constantly evacuated by the mangaka through somewhat wacky “stuff”, like when Robin helped by Jinbei had him rolled away from the fight.

Frustrating revelations

And beyond the question of the fights, there is of course the problem of the revelations. We were obviously entitled a few weeks ago to the announcement of the true identity Hito Hito no Mi, Nika model. But it’s a small gift when you know that for several dozen chapters, Momonosuke has had his father’s diary in his hands, held by Yamato. If Oda likes to drag out the little secrets of his saga, knowing that we have had access for more than 50 chapters to this diary, to which the heroes constantly refer, is a frustration that makes the time even longer!