One Piece: it brings together all the volumes in a single volume of 21,000 pages at a delirious price!

news culture One Piece: it brings together all the volumes in a single volume of 21,000 pages at a delirious price!

Having become sprawling for a few years now, the One Piece work has more than 100 volumes published in France. An artist, with the aim of showing the materialization of an ecosystem saturated by the media, has produced a work linking all the volumes published to date.


  • A One Piece to bind them all
  • A work of speculation

A One Piece to bind them all

It is one of the best-known manga of all time: One Piece, whose pre-publication began in 1997 in Japan, is the only literary series (alongside Harry Potter, anyway) to have sold more than 500 million copies worldwide. With 101 volumes (the 102nd appears tomorrow), it continues to attract many followers: witness the five million sales made in France in 2021, or 20% of the total made since the publication of the manga in France. Unfortunately, some readers are too scared by the enormity of manga and anime that exceeds 1000 episodes: however, it is not the desire that is missing.

Far from wanting to offer a solution to these souls in distress, the artist Ilan Manouach has nevertheless managed to achieve a “sculptureby binding all the manga released to date into a single 21,450-page work. A work logically called OnePiecewhich can be translated into a piece in the language of Molière. That’s the case to say.

A work of speculation

Unfortunately, it is of course can’t read it lengthening it for risk of tearing the pages and damaging the spine of the work. On his site, Ilan Manouch provides details on the use of this ONEPIECE :

With a spine width of over 80 cm (31.5 inches), this sculptural object cannot be read or displayed in bookstores. It is literally the biggest book in the world, by far, and can be admired as the materialization of a media-saturated ecosystem.

In addition, the JBE publishing house indicates that the product is only an object of pure speculation. Indeed, it would not be very profitable for an individual to buy the ONEPIECE in order to update themselves in the work since it costs 1900 €. However, even with 102 volumes purchased new, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is “only” worth 703 euros and 80 cents. What even offer the collection to a friend.