One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man… the top 10 most popular manga of 2022

news culture One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man… the top 10 most popular manga of 2022

As in sport, many fiery debates animate the web: what is the best manga at the moment? If everyone wants to defend their piece of fat with various and varied arguments, Oricon recently published the ranking of the most distributed manga in Japan. What add some additional justifications in his bag.


  • An unsurprising top 10 with big blockbusters
  • Blue Lock VS Chainsaw Man: a big duel to come?

An unsurprising top 10 with big blockbusters

Every year at the end of November, the Japanese company Oricon, which specializes in data compilation, unveiled the ranking of the most widely distributed manga in the Japanese archipelago. If this list only concerns Japan, it can nevertheless serve as a trend indicator since it is obviously Japan which occupies the first place as the country that consumes the most manga.. Some will even go so far as to consider that a top 10 in Japan is an equivalent top 10 worldwide. So who to succeed Jujutsu Kaisen ? We obviously do not change a winning team since it still occupies first place in the ranking with more than twelve million copies sold:

We are a long way from last year’s results, when Gege Akutami’s work had accumulated more than 30 million salesa bit more than Demon Slayer at the time (completed last year, hence its absence). It must be said that last year was more conducive to the promotion of the manga: part 2 of the animated adaptation was broadcast on television, while the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was released in Japanese theaters at the end of the year.

Blue Lock VS Chainsaw Man: a big duel to come?

The rest of the ranking is just as interesting to comment on since it is tokyo revenge who takes second place. Like Jujutsu Kaisen, it couldn’t rely on an anime adaptation in 2022 to boost sales. Perhaps this is the announcement of the end of the manga, which ended a few weeks ago, which prompted fans of the saga to buy the volumes. Briefly, we observe SpyFamily in third place (which was able to count on an anime, part 2 of which is currently being broadcast) followed closely by One Piece. A large difference is then observed with My Hero Academiafifth place in the ranking and which totals “only” 5.5 million manga sold.

There is also an interesting duel between Blue Lock and chain saw man : the two works, very popular, see their adaptation in animated begin this fall. Blue Lock is doing the best so far (of a short length and with four more volumes released compared to chain saw man) but it will be interesting to see what places the two manga will occupy next year.