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One Piece has confirmed one of the most prominent devil fruit theories. Thanks to the incredible explanation of the origins of the Devil Fruits provided by Dr. Vegapunk in Chapter #1069, it is now possible to support the theory that the Devil Fruits contain the “inherited will” of the people who lived in the Great Kingdom. of the past, passed down through the centuries.

One Piece fans have been racking their brains for decades trying to figure out the secret of the Devil Fruits. While this is an iconic feature of the series, the mystery of the origin of these objects has yet to be fully revealed. From the snippets of information provided by the manga, fans have come up with many theories. One of the most plausible theorizes that Devil Fruits have an “inherited will” that they pass from user to user, as evidenced by the fact that Luffy inherits the will of his fruit’s previous user. , Joyboy. This has been said to only be true for Zoan-types, but now there’s additional support that connects present-day Devil Fruits to the mysterious ancient civilization of the Great Kingdom.

In One Piece Chapter #1069, Dr. Vegapunk finally explained what he believes to be the true origins of the Devil Fruits. Although his explanation leaves more questions than answers (in classic One Piece style), it’s clear that Vegapunk believes the Devil Fruits are manifestations of a desired next step in the potential evolution of life. Each Devil Fruit user represents a possible future for humanity, and the powers of the fruits are the actualization of people’s hopes and desires. However, the most important part of Vegapunk’s explanation comes when the scientist says that “Those with powers exist in different dimensions imagined by someone else before them. »

One Piece Confirms Devil Fruits Contain Will Inherited From People From The Past

Considering that Vegapunk’s primary area of ​​expertise is Great Kingdom science, his Devil Fruit theory, while still vague and enigmatic, supports the idea that these items contain the inherited will of people from the ancient past. It’s still unclear what form this “will” takes, but, in the case of the Zoan fruits, it’s more obvious, and it can also “absorb and control the personality of the user”, as Vegapunk also explains in this chapter. These revelations, which One Piece already foreshadowed many years ago, are likely linked to the fact that Devil Fruits alter the DNA of their users, as Vegapunk discovered through his research.

It is therefore entirely possible that Devil Fruits contains the DNA of people from the Great Kingdom, which is then passed on to new users along with their memories and spirits. Vegapunk says the Devil Fruits were birthed out of hope, which he says here refers to a desire for the future evolution of mankind. However, this also means that the Devil Fruits themselves contain this hope, in the form of the famous inherited will.

Dr. Vegapunk’s words refer directly to “someone else before them”, which is the first real confirmation that the unique nature of Devil Fruits can be traced back to some still mysterious individuals from the past. While a huge devil fruit theory has just been proven true, there are still plenty of mysteries to be unraveled in One Piece’s future.

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