One Piece launches its collaboration with VANS and Chopper becomes the new internet meme


One Piece has finally released its collaboration with VANS, until now we had only seen sneakers In this promotion, however, we now have everything from jackets, t-shirts to some accessories. Despite this, the most punished of all the characters has been Chopper, who has become the new internet meme after Cookie’s redesign.

As much as they try to promote it, it is undeniable that the result has been more than questionable. They look terrible on the mugiwara doctor’s face t-shirts, they seem to have come out of a “horrible Halloween cosplay” section. That said, it is undeniable that the rest of the collaboration shines with its own qualityfrom the sneakers that resemble Luffy’s straw hat to those that use the image of Nico Robin.

One Piece, one of the best-selling and longest-running manga series of all time. And over the course of the last quarter decade, author Eiichiro Oda has continued to bring life and color to the world of the series, further immersing millions of fans in the Straw Hat’s journey from the East Blue to the New World. And now, after several incredible plot developments, Monkey D. Luffy and his team finally see a collaborative collection worthy of the Pirate King, and it’s all thanks to Vans. Together they have prepared shoes and clothes. The latter, which includes work jackets and t-shirts, is covered in images of the Straw Hat Jolly Roger, as well as images of Monkey D. Luffy himself and his crew of ten members.

The shoe selection consists of an Authentic, Old Skool and SK8-Hi: In order, the Authentic features the personal symbols of the MC’s core nakama, from Zoro to Franky; the Old Skool is dressed in various devil fruits, each painted on a background that looks like a sky; and the SK8-Hi takes us back to the days of Punk Hazard. For a closer look at the upcoming One Piece x Vans collection, take a look below. The capsule will be available in Vans stores on November 11.

The new One Piece and Vans sneakers

Fortunately, Chopper has been the only one to become a meme in this collaboration and we’ll soon have these new sneakers, a surprisingly stylish joint effort with SKECHERS, as Vans is about to release a pair of Sombrero-inspired Authentics. straw. Much more reserved than what his fans have created over the years, One Piece x Vans Authentic is inspired by the nakama of the future pirate kingas well as in his characteristic straw hat as can be seen in the type of fabric it has.

one piece van sneakers

Both the fabric and the type of elements and colors faithfully represent the One Piece inspiration in these Vans sneakers.

The latter’s influence is evident in the shoe’s construction and details, which mimic both the tan fabric and the headwear’s red band. Then at the top the top is covered with the jolly rogers (pirate calacas) of every member of the crew except the most recent, from Zoro to Brook. According to information from Sneaker News it seems that the release date is scheduled for November 11, 2022, just over a month at the time of this article.

Another interesting detail is that on the tongue of this pair of official Vans and One Piece sneakers there is a Wind Rose, an important element for maritime trips. Monkey D. Luffy set sail for the first time, we have witnessed countless adventures, well-anticipated plot developments, and one of the longest and most significant arcs in the entire series. Now, according to Oda himself, the “Final Saga” is underway, and I, and the rest of the fanbase, can’t help but get excited that the Straw Hats’ journey is coming to an end. However, the most annoying thing is that One Piece has seen only a few sneaker collaborations in the last quarter century..