One Piece launches luxurious line of Luffy, Zoro, Sanji watches that you will want to have

One Piece has had an incredible year after the announcement of its Netflix Live-Action. So it’s no surprise that he has more and better collaborations to promote his work. This is the case of its most recent line of luxury watches from the Japanese brand Seiko, each of its models is inspired by several of its protagonists such as Law, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Sabo. Although, if you want to be an otaku with this style, the cost may be high.

Each of these One Piece themed watches are priced at $ 500.00 USD and belong to Seiko’s luxury sports line. Both the details and the colors represent the outfits of the One Piece characters, as well as their character. So, if you are a fan of Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Sabo or Law, this product is for you:

The watch company announced its collaboration with the following message: _ “To celebrate the 1000th episode of the Japanese comic series, Seiko has collaborated with One Piece to present five limited editions of Seiko 5 Sports. With the overall theme of “Uketsugareru Ishi”, each watch is dedicated to one of the characters in the series, each in search of “One Piece”, the ultimate treasure that will turn the winner into the King of Pirates “_.

Although, if you are not a fan of this line of luxury watches, perhaps the announcement of the live-action cast of One Piece from Netflix it was your favorite news. As evidenced by special illustrations by Latina artists like Cecel.

She posted in her personal Twitter account a series of illustrations that capture the essence of each crew member of The Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece and how they would celebrate their arrival aboard the Going Merry with the Netflix live-action cast. The most outstanding is that of Luffy with Iñaki Godoy, with whom he shares a big smile.

one piece luxury watches
Iñaki Godoy to play Luffy in the Netflix series

One Piece throughout more than a thousand episodes, its story of the young Monkey D. Luffy, heard the story of Gol D. Roger and aspires to become a pirate king. On the 9th of november, Netflix finally showed the advance of its live-action with everything and its cast, among which Iñaki Godoy Jauso stands out as Monkey D. Luffy and Jacob Gibson as Usopp..

What we know so far about the live-action of One Piece is that it will be in charge of Steven Maeda and Matt Owens, in the direction and in the writing of the script. Throughout ten episodes, it will cover the East Blue arc when Monkey D. Luffy, when he learned the story of The King of the Pirates thanks to Shanks, his adoptive brother. So if production hopes to bring the entire series to life, we could have content for more than two decades.

Luffy will be Mexican in the live-action of One Piece

But, without a doubt, the great surprise of the cast of the live-action One Piece. This is a young actor known for his role in Who Killed Sara? of the year 2021. Iñaki Godoy has worked in the web-series like Por La Máscara, coming to work in Sin Miedo a la Verdad, a Televisa production.

One Piece live-action iñaki godoy

Through your account Instagram, The actor thanked the producer behind the live-action One Piece for his role and mentioned feeling excited and happy to become the next pirate king.

Although, the live-action of this series will be broadcast exclusively on Netflix. There is still no approximate release date, although it is possible that it will arrive between 2022 or 2023, given the pace of the company’s work.

If you are interested in following closely this important anime franchise and the history of Monkey D. Luffy and company. We tell you that in Spain, The One Piece manga is distributed by Planeta de Agostini; in Latin America by the Panini publishing house, and in Argentina by the Ivrea publishing house. In addition, its anime version is available at Crunchyroll exclusively.