One Piece launches this Luffy-inspired deluxe costume for its chapter 1000

Finally, One Piece episode 1000 aired over the weekend on Crunchyroll and with a special preview there was great anticipation of him. In fact, since the opening of this chapter, his fans were excited to sing We are! For this reason, Hellman Retail Group released a Luffy-inspired costume for you to continue celebrating this milestone..

It was through his account Tiktok who shared one of their works inspired by Monkey D. Luffy, who along with Roronoa Zoro is one of the most beloved characters in The Straw Hat Pirates. And, if you are a fan of this saga, you will surely notice several impressive details.

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Hellman Retail Group usually makes costumes to celebrate different anime, comic book or video game franchises, from Minecraft to Naruto. But, one of the most celebrated has been the suit that they have made of One Piece stands out for its detail and affection that they have for the work of Eiichiro Oda.

From the first seconds we can notice some interesting winks that his fans will appreciate:

In addition to the straw hat, characteristic of Monkey D. Luffy that they placed on top, there are other elements of One Piece. The first of them is the selection of colors, a predominant red and yellow in the tie, which takes inspiration from the head of The Straw Hat Pirates, even the tie and the handkerchief have designs with the shadow of this character.

one piece 1000 episode anime costume

If you want to make this whole suit, called ‘Pirate Bundle’ by Hellman Retail Group, you can do it through their official website for $ 156.00 USD (in addition, there is a special 15% discount for you to celebrate the 1000th episode of One Piece).

Finally, We cannot leave behind the hand-woven brooch with which he seeks to replicate the devil fruit that Luffy consumed while with Shanks in his homeland. This One Piece item is responsible for its rubber powers and its current stamina.

one piece 1000 anime traje outfit

Where to see episode 1000 of One Piece in Spanish?

Finally, One Piece episode 1000 aired in Spain, Mexico and Latin America this weekend through Crunchyroll . This is the only legal way to view it.

For its part, One Piece episode 1000 was titled in English as “Overwhelming Strength! The Straw hats come together! » and in Spanish it was! An overwhelming force, the Straw Hats gather ! Finally, we could see how each of the pirates of the crew came from different parts to face Kaido and his fearsome forces.

one piece 1000 anime crunchyroll latinoamerica españa

But, they are not the only exciting moments from One Piece episode 1000. The final message reads: ‘The Straw Hats will tear mighty foes to shreds«, So each of the pirates under Luffy’s orders came from far away for this combat. In just a few seconds, we relive the most emotional moments of each character; from the fall of the Usopp Pirates, the liberation of Nico Robin, the rescue of Nami or the first meeting between Luffy and Zoro.

Will we see the most powerful alliance in action against Kaido, The tyrant?

So whatever age you are, enjoy this chapter and shout YOU WANNA BE MY FRIEND? WE ARE, WE ARE ON THE CRUISE! WE ARE at the top of your lungs!

one piece anime 1000 episodio

In the closing frame, we see how Luffy seems to be about to unleash his great final power, surrounded and supported by members of his crew such as some Akazaya. So, we will probably soon see the fighting against the Queen, Jack and all the crew of Kaido and company.

One Piece 1000 anime where to see

Although, It will surely take a little longer before the long-awaited final showdown between Kaido and the Mugiwara crew arrives., surely this episode 1000 of One Piece has managed to satisfy the hunger of its fans for content that meets their expectations.