One Piece: Law Pirates Finally Show Their True Power

This article will contain spoilers…

The pirates under Law’s command have been called “One Piece’s weakest pirate crew”, but in the latest chapter they seem to prove that they are no match for any other pirate crew. Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that this article will contain spoilers, if you don’t want to ruin your experiencecome back after reading the latest chapters available on MangaPlus by Shueisha. Also, these spoilers will be important for the development of this final fight.

Let’s go straight into the story, as we have mentioned, Law is the only pirate in his crew with an especially powerful ability, unlike his crew. But, in One Piece chapter 1064, we see how the Heart Pirates have a chance to assert themselves as the great naval power that they are now that they have been ambushed shortly after leaving Wano for the fearsome Blackbeard, who plans to steal the Poneglyphs in Law’s possession. In a normal situation, the Pirates under the command of the villainous Blackbeard could easily have taken control of the ship and defeated its crew, but it seems that the Heart Pirates have more than just luck, they possess sea battle experience strong enough to put up against the ropes the crew of a powerful yonko.

one piece 1064

In One Piece chapter 1064, we see how Trafalgar D. Law’s pirate crew manages to stand up to the Blackbeard Pirates due to their great fighting ability on the high seas.

In addition, they have shown that they are also a good group of strategists, since they have managed to exploit the only great weakness that The Blackbeard Pirates possess: none of them possess the ability to swim. Even though giving his entire crew a Devil Fruit seemed like a cunning move by Blackbeard, it seems he hasn’t turned out the way he hoped. The Heart Pirates were generally considered the weakest crew among the so-called “worst generation of pirates”, as they do not possess great combat ability like other crews, and even when compared to their captain, Law, they languish quite a bit in comparison. . However, it seems that “this power” has been far surpassed by his ingenuity when it comes to combat.

This display of ability shouldn’t have surprised us, as they had no way to show their true power until now in One Piece. In Wano, for example, they couldn’t make a big contribution to the big fight against Kaido and company, because the battle took place far from the sea. However, it makes much more sense for pirates to focus on fighting at sea because, in theory, that’s where most of your battles should take place.

The true power of Law’s pirates appears in One Piece 1064

As we’ve mentioned, the Heart Pirates don’t possess exemplars of power strength like the Straw Hat Pirates’ crew’s standout fighters, Zoro, but they work very well together, are extremely well coordinated, and have a huge advantage against anyone who fights at sea, especially Devil Fruit users, who are at risk of drowning once their ship sinks.

one piece 1063 law

In One Piece 1063, Blackbeard states that Law has a major weakness, his crew.

All this has made them a very underrated team in One Piece, but with great potential for strength when it comes to fighting on the high seas. That said, it’s rather ironic that we haven’t seen his true fighting power until now, as Eiichiro Oda’s manga is about pirates, which takes place in a world where the seas cover most of the globe. And yet most fights don’t take place at sea (perhaps because of the huge advantage Devil Fruit users would have). This is due to the fact that, for the author Eiichiro Oda, pirates and navigation are above all a symbol of adventure and freedom, but he prefers to set his story in the many island countries that populate the world and give him the opportunity to portray very different things. cultures and settings. However, the fact that One Piece pirates rarely fight at sea remains a small but notable oddity in the series.